The last Chapter The last Chapter 2017, here we come!!!!! 203287325 Flat out at Team22 HQ. Thanks Trevor 203324713 Busy in the Workshop 203566395 203566396 203566397 203566410 203711695 203711696 203711697 203711699 203566409 Brand new Kirkey seat looks good. Did you know they`re built in Cornwall? That`s the one in Ontario, Canada. Info from Rick Young via Will`s FaceBook pic, which is shared here 203709610 Recent work photographed at some interesting angles! 203957916 203957917 203957918 203957895 203957919 It`s amazing what a difference a couple of panels make!! Aerial view. 204042137 Hard at it 204042139 Will`s new office is taking shape 204042138 New(ish) Engine for last year`s car. 204198033 It`s been a long time getting the bits together. 204198035 Now for the tricky bit. Johno & Will take it steady. 204198037 Nearly there. 204198038 Simple! I think they`ve done that before, at least once or twice 204198036 Looking cozy 204236413 Race ready - almost 204236414 All done 204238417 Immaculately turned out, as always 204238419 Charlie`s on Welding duty again 204878971 204878972 A lopsided view or 2 of the new car 204878940 204878942 Dave Harris posted this Workshop photo to Face Book recently 204899143 Will popped up with this one today. Ready for paint (almost) 204899144 Sneaky peek 204933923 It looks pretty good from this angle!! 204933922 MayDay Bank Holiday Sneaky Peek 205055083 Cheers Will 205055084