Will Yarrow Racing

Will`s return to action was to be a short lived affair. He came out for Heat 2 at Kings Lynn on Saturday, but aftyer a promising start 

05.08.2020; I`ve been in touch with Will throughout the lockdown, during which time he, alongside many of you, has been Furloughed. Having initially been advised that he would not be returning to work until October, Standard Engineering contacted him on Monday, informing him that he was to return yesterday, the 4th. His first job was to change the Calendar from March to August!! Prior to that, undoubtedly like most of you, he caught up with a lot of those niggling tasks which never seem to get done at home, & I understand that the Yarrow garden now looks fabulous!! He has kept up his regular week nights at the Workshop too, making sure everything is ready to go when the 2021 season starts. He has made the decision not to race the 1/2dozen shale meetings scheduled for this short season, having given due thought & consideration to it, & everyone should respect his decision & that of any other driver who has arrived at the same conclusion. Everybody has to do what`s right for them under the present, very unusual & somewhat difficult times we have found ourselves in. Stay safe, & respect the Social Distancing rules if you go racing. Remember, we all need to protect each other from the Virus, not just ourselves.

27/05/2020; 25 years ago today, Will married his soul mate, the love of his life, Sarah. Happy SILVER Wedding Anniversary to an absolutely wonderful couple. 

11/04/202;                            Remembering Mick "Blacky" Black 

What should have been Will`s final season looks to have been deferred until 2021, thanks to COVID-19 & all the necessary actions the world has to take to prevent the devastating effects from worsening. However long it takes for the virus to die it`s own death will be whatever is necessary. In the meantime, we all have to do our bit. We will keep you up to date as much as we can. In the mean time - Stay safe.  Stay well.  STAY AT HOME.

 It's almost time to start The Last Chapter. Once the technical scrutineering has been completed, Team22 will be ready to take to the shale again, in the long awaited debut of the newest, & possibly the best looking car to have come out of the workshop. That, of course, is open to debate. One thing`s for sure, it looks the business. Will is going to be at MWA, with something of a personal tribute to one of Stock Car Racing`s greats. There`s no doubt it will take many of the older fans down Memory Lane. Exciting times aheadHappy New Year 2020 Images

17/11/2019; Everyone associated with Will Yarrow Racing are deeply saddened by the death, in tragic circumstances at Birmingham Wheels following the U25`s Championship on the 16th, of Colin North. Our hearts go out to both families involved in the incident. 
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24/10/19; As many of you know, Will`s season has come to an end a little earlier than originally anticipated. Derek Brown`s car, which he very kindly allowed Will to use for a while, has been sold, and a variety of reasons conspired against him with regard to getting the new car through scrutineering and enabling Will to debut it this year. Family commitments have also had an effect, and as we all know, it`s impossible to be in two places at once. So, we look forward to 2020, which may or may not prove to be the end of Will Yarrow Racing - in both senses. Only time will tell.

17/9/19; Congratulations go to Tom Harris, who added a bit of Gold to his Black & White checkered roof last Saturday night at Kings Lynn. Will had a night of ill luck, retiring in his heat and tangling up in the consi, making friends with a big yellow tyre, as can be seen in Amanda Peck`s pair of photos. Oh well, that`s racing. Here`s hoping the next meeting in a row at that venue next month is kinder to him than the last two have been

12/09/19; Unfortunately Will has run out of time for the track debut of his new car, due to a delay in getting it scrutineered thus rendering it impossible to be ready for Saturday. The good news is that Derek Brown is continuing to loan his car, so the number 22 is going to be out there racing in the Meeting.

8/9/19; The long awaited debut of The Last Chapter is due for next Saturday at Kings Lynn`s Adrian Flux Arena. There might be some big race going on that night too, but we all know the truth - it`s really all about the 22 car.

01/09;  It clearly wasn`t meant to be for Will this year, as he bowed out of World Final contention with a puncture shortly before the 1/2 way flag came out in the Consolation Semi at Kings Lynn last night. Once again racing in the borrowed Derek Brown car, the disappointment was replaced by a certain amount of elation in the meeting proper, after some hard work in the Pits saw some adjustments result in a fine 4th place finish. Given the hard racing throughout the night, he chose to load up as the car was not his, and had remained undamaged. In retrospect, it was probably the right decision. One thing`s for sure, we`ll see Will there again in a couple of weeks, although at the moment it`s not certain which side of the safety fence he`ll be.

18/8; Words of wisdom from Will about the Heritage Meeting; Few more pics from ?heritageF1? mtg at Stoke. 
My initial outing was in Dan Squires 1963 world winning ?Doug Wardropper 5? replica. 
Quite a beast but lot of fun. I was then offered another outing in the 252 chissy replica for the final. 

Johno came home 1st in his favoured wet Ht1, I was 3rd Charlie 5th after a spin. 

Charlie 2nd in ht2, I was 4th & Johno 5th. 

Final was a win for Charlie, a 3rd for me in the 252 car just beating Johno in 4th. 

Just a lot of fun really. 

18/8/19; The old car went to her new owner, whoever that might be, yesterday. Meanwhile, the Heritage 304 team went to Stoke last night, with Charlie & Johno driving their respective refurbished cars, but thanks to Dan Squire, Will got to play in the replica 252 Chissie car again, much to his obvious delight.

13/8/19; Well, the good news is that Will finally sold his ex-Harrison car last week. The not so good news is that the not quite run under floodlights, Buxton Semi last Saturday resulted in the 22 Pilot qualifying for the Consolation Semi at Kings Lynn on August 31st. The borrowed Derek Brown Tar car went pretty well in practice, but as Will said "A couple of laps in to the Semi, I knew even with some mishaps upfront, I`d struggle to capitalise. Something was lacking in the braking department, and also a lack of corner speed. In the end, we were well and truly off the pace".

23/07/19; Will contacted me about this year`s Dutch adventure; "Not a very successful weekend racing-wise, and no sale.  the Dutch drivers have got it together & most are now very fast. Most of the UK drivers struggled & only 3 made the Final. We had plenty of laughs, & no damage though.We`ll probably have to give the Europeans a miss as we`ve got some work on our hands getting ready for the Semi" As you know, Will is in the Buxton Semi, so consequently needs to convert the car for tarmac. 
Don`t forget; The car is still available to buy. Early Christmas Present anyone?

21/07/2019; Texel Time again, with Team22 heading out last Thursday evening for their trip to the racing island, where once again, they will be hosted by Pascal Spigt and his family, for the duration. After spending Friday settling in, the "serious" business of racing began yesterday. Not such a good afternoon for Will, who had 2 heats, finishing 14th in one and 19th in the other, consequently not making the Semi`s. It`s not stopping him or the rest of the guys from having fun though. Thanks for this info, Gemma. I look forward to further news after today is over.

25/06/2019; Remembering Pete as his family & friends say their fond farewells to one of the nicest people we have had the honour of knowing. 

10/06/19; Team22 are saddened to learn of the death of long time friend and supporter, Pete Hall this weekend. Pete was a regular on the Team bus, always with a smile on his face and a gleam in his eye. He was never happier than when he was trackside, cheering Will on. Sadly, Pete has been ill on and off for some time, but has also had long periods in remission. Sadly, the most recent relapse in his condition was to prove impossible for him to beat. Despite this though, he has borne the illness with great dignity. Pete, we will miss you. Rest in Peace. 

19/05/19; Last night on the Northampton Shaleway, Will once again showed what a bargain buy the Harrison built car will be for someone.  As the man said earlier, he has proved what a good car it is as he drove his socks off to get a Heat 1 5th spot, and finishing the Final in 4th, having taken the lead in both races for a while. He was also going very well in the GN but got legged up, then the car jumped out of gear, causing him to make the decision to pull out of the race. Today has been spent at Buxton, where Charlie was out on track with the 304. Heritage car, then it sounds like workshop time to get the new car completed, now the engine is ready to go for Dyno. I hope to bring you news from Buxton soon

28/4; Will was at Kings Lynn in good time for yesterday`s meeting, earning himself a handy spot in the Pits, within easy reach of the Pit gate, scrutineering, hot drinks (in case the never ending supply of tea ended). Sadly, his Diff broke when he pushed his way through some 4th bend carnage in heat 2, & he had to withdraw from the meeting. That`s the luck of the sport sometimes. Next up for him will be on May 18th at Northampton, and what`s more, thanks to his rich vein of form lately, we`ll all be seeing RED again. Well deserved too.

22/04;  Team22 hopes you`re all enjoying the Easter break. Will went to Stoke a couple of days ago, where he enjoyed mixed fortunes, a puncture in his first race spoiling his chances of qualifying direct to the meeting Final. The Consi was chocablock with some surprising names, but this didn`t bother Will, who drove hard & fair to finish 4th. Out for the Final then, and once again he drove with all the skill and determination garnered from his 32 years experience in the formula, finishing a fine 6th. Up for it in the Grand National, he romped away with gusto, but was involved in a 1st bend melee on lap 3, finding himself somewhat precariously balanced on the track marker tyres. It took a while to sort out, but Will exited his car to ensure it was removed safely by the track staff. I asked him later if he was "tired". He agreed, with a laugh, but said he was otherwise really happy with how the night went.  Next up Kings Lynn, all being well.

18/04/19;  Happy Easter everyone. Don`t forget that Will is racing at Stoke on Easter Saturday. pop down to the bus & say "Hello". Even better - take a huge wadge of cash with you & come away as the proud owner of "the ole girl". All genuine enquiries will be listened to.

07/04; On April 5th, Will was playing the part of a very proud Dad to his eldest daughter, Ellie, who celebrated her 21st Birthday. On that day in 1998, Team22 were competing at Coventry, but the most important memory of that night was being rushed from the track at the end of the Final, to Kettering, where he made it in time to be with Sarah as Ellie made her entrance slightly earlier than either of them had anticipated. Last night was also an excuse to celebrate at Mildenhall. When I saw Will in the Pits, it was clear that his mojo was back as positivity poured from him. He took to the track in his heat, and very quickly made his intentions clear, making good ground, using his bumper and all of his 32 years experience to finish in 5th place and qualify for his first Final in a long time. He was destined to end the night in 5th again, as the checkered flag fell on the Grand National. There was the small matter of that Final before that though, and Will treated us to a display of hard, fair and very determined driving, which was rewarded with a well deserved 3rd place Trophy. "The `ole boy ent done yet!!"

31/03; Kings Lynn`s opening meeting didn`t start quite as we wanted, with Will & the crew working on the car to repair a broken brake pipe which gave out in Heat 2, leaving the 22 car at the Pit Gate, facing the on coming traffic. Unfortunately, while the repair was under way they also discovered a little gremlin within the distributor cap, so the decision was taken to load up, go home, and plan for Mildenhall.

17/03/2019; Team22 HQ yesterday saw Will & Johno sporting very nice tans from their respective recent breaks, and both were certainly in good spirits. Will`s words follow from his Facebook post about the upcoming Season "New car not quite race ready, so getting the ?ole un? ready for the season openers!! Still For Sale tho"


17/02/2019; The Final Chapter was debuted at Motorsports with Attitude this weekend, and Will would like to thank new sponsors, TG Brown & Son, & Butler & Gee, as well as existing sponsors, headed by C.S.ELLIS (Group) Ltd for their support. The car garnered a great deal of interest over the weekend. Let`s hope it continues to do so at the shale tracks during the season. Good luck Will. We`ll be there, cheering you on.


22/01; We are all saddened to hear of the death of Andy Webb, a truly lovely man. Rest in Peace Spiderman # 247.


22/01/2019; Another year, another busy winter period for Will at Team22 HQ. The new car is coming along nicely, and I can assure you, you are going to be impressed once it rolls out of the workshop to hopefully be displayed at the Motorsport with Attitude Show at the Peterborough Arena (also known as the East of England Showground) next month. Time and personnel constraints have resulted in delays, unfortunately, but as we all know, Will and Johno have lives away from Stock Cars, which have to take priority. As I say though, the wait will be worth it.


12/11/18; At the end of what has been an exiting season over all, Team22 would like to offer their congratulations to all 2018 Champions; 390 Stuart Smith Jnr; World & British Champion, 84 Tom Harris; European Champion, and finally, 515 Frankie Wainman Jnr, with a record breaking 14th Silver Roof. Our good wishes for a full recovery and return to the track also go to Stuart. Take your time, you`ve got plenty of it. 
There`ll be updates from Team22 HQ throughout the close season. In the meantime, thanks for your support, as always. 
See you all in 2019.


29/10/18; The traditional VSCA Autumn Rumble was held at the Northampton Shaleway yesterday, where several Replica/Rebuilt Heritage Cars were on display for all to enjoy. Team22 took both 304 cars, which stood resplendent at either end of the small gathering. Will, Johno, Charlie and Roger were present, to chat and show them both off. Sadly, the racing programme prevented track time, but it`s always good to hear those engines come to life, if only for the purposes of unloading and loading up at either end of the afternoon.the new car is coming on nicely, and could be said to have a bit of a retro look to it - or was that more to do with the Mellor car`s wheel hanging on tight to the front axle?


2/10/18;  As some of you may know, Team22 had a visit up to Ashbourne on Sat 22nd Sept with both Mellor cars to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Dave’s 1978 world final win. 
We were asked to take the cars up by Dave’s mechanic and good friend Barry Wibberly who used to be Dave’s tyre man. 
Almost 40 years to the day 23rd Sept a lot of Dave’s mechanics/friends & fans turned up. 
Also young Nathan took his stoxkart which is in Dave Mellor livery. 


1/10/18; Johno was the star of the Golden Years Heritage Class at Buxton yesterday, driving the 80s 304 car for a change. Starting at the back of the grid for Heat 1, he worked his way up the grid, to finish in 3rd place. Heat 2, from the front this time, and another 3rd place at the end. The Final for the class had Johno near the front again, and this time it was where he stayed, taking the win, much to his obvious delight. Will was kept busy in the Pits all afternoon, making sure someone else could race, so missed his best buddy enjoy his success!




21/08/18; Old Skool Stock Car Racing on an Old Skool Track could be how to describe last Sunday`s Heritage Festival meeting at Chesterton Stadium, Stoke. One thing is for certain, and that is the fully refurbished 304 cars, in the experienced hands of Richard "Johno" Johnson and Charlie Yarrow, along with the  excellent replicas of many others, showed the crowd how it used to be! Fun was the order of the day, more so than competition, but it`s impossible for the competitive edge to lie dormant and both  did pretty darned well for themselves. For the record, Johno had a Heat Win and 4th place before coming 3rd in the Final, while Charlie took 4th and 3rd in his Heats. As for the Final? Well, he only went and won it!!!! 


14/08/2018; Not much to tell on the F1 front at the moment, but ..... if it`s those fantastic 304 Heritage Cars which float your boat, get yourself along to Chesterton Stadium, Stoke on Sunday 19th for their Heritage Festival. You`ll find both cars, plus their enigmatic pilots, Johno and Charlie, (with mechanic Will and manager Roger no doubt), waiting to entertain you. Enjoy


16/07/18; Will kept me updated from Texel about his exploits. On Saturday, he finished 7th and 10th in his 2 races, following those up on Sunday with 11th and 4th places in the heats, and came 14th in the Final,  26th off a 36 car grid. There was no damage, racing was fair, the car (which is still available to buy - contact Will to discuss details, but only if you are genuinely interested) performed well, and everyone had fantastic fun all weekend. Big thanks from Team22, for the generous hospitality extended to them by Pascal Spigt and his family once again. It was very much appreciated by all 12 British Teams who turned out.


11/07/18; News just in from Will is that a huge THANK YOU is in order for "Young Jamie & the workshop boys" at C S Ellis (Group) Ltd, who "worked their magic again" yesterday and got the bus through another MoT, in time for Team22s trip to Texel. The bus is loaded and ready for the off on Thursday`s late night Ferry.  This is one weekend of racing when results really don`t matter so much, it`s all about the fun and hospitality, all of which will be there in abundance.  There`s also a slight race number change there, so "Go Team 122"!!!!!


25/06/2018; The newest Shaleway, recently laid by Deane Wood and his team at Brafield/NIR, wasn`t as successful as we had all hoped for, on its inaugural F1 meeting. However, Will took to the track in Heat 1 and showed us that he hasn`t lost any of his skill as he fought his way to a strong 5th position, which he was holding. Unfortunately, track conditions aren`t yet at their best, and as the dust kicked up, making vision impossible for all, regardless of which side of the fence you were, Will chose self preservation over glory and made sure he finished the race with himself and his car in tact, picking up 10th spot instead, andopting to load up once back in the Pits. Once the track has been sorted out properly, it will be a welcome addition for the Shale only drivers, and hopefully, this years` European Championship weekend will prove a major success. 


4/6/18; Heritage time again, and the 22 bus and trailer made it to the dusty Buxton Pits with the 2 beautifully restored 304 cars on board. As ever, the results don`t matter a great deal as this Formula is all about fun and nostalgia, but it doesn`t stop Charlie and Johno showing their cars off in the best light, with both showing their skills as drivers by treating the huge crowd to some old fashioned racing fun. Of course, as is traditional, the victor takes home a Trophy - and you should`ve seen Johno`s little face as he went round on the back of the pace car with his, after heat 2 had been completed!!!!! Charlie was unlucky not to make that a Team 304 1,2 with a valiant race to the flag behind him, not that he was worried. Too much fun being had behind the wheel.
All being well, it`ll be Will`s turn next at the Brafield Shaleway on June 24th.


20/05/2018; The Birthday Boy has been blessed with some beautiful weather to celebrate not only his 46th (I know. He doesn`t look anywhere near that) today, but also his best night`s racing of this season at Kings Lynn`s Adrian Flux Arena last night! He came out in Heat 2 and drove with a determination characteristic of his 30 year career, earning himself a fine 8th place and his first Final of the year. That determination was clear again as he worked his way into contention for a top 10 finish, but Lady Luck frustratingly struck as he tangled on the roadside bend when placed 9th. Out he came again for the Grand National and another hard drive saw him collect a second 8th place come the Checkered flags. All in all, a very satisfying weekend.


30/04/18; Will beat the potential traffic holdups on the A47 to arrive early at the Adrian Flux Arena on Saturday, giving himself and the team plenty of time to prepare. Out in Heat 2, he cracked on and showed well in the battle for WQ points. In spite of the best efforts of his competitors, he carved his way through the grid, and was unlucky to find himself being edged into the back of a pile up at the Big Screen end with nowhere to go. Frustratingly for Will, although he got out of it to rejoin the race, the back axle picked up damage, forcing him to withdraw from the meeting. He`ll get it replaced and keep battling on, with a smile on his face as always, hopefully back at Kings Lynn in May.


27/04/18; Direct from Team22 SubHQ - "Following on from our day at Brafield earlier in the month when Derek Brown left his Smithy 1 & Wainman 515 heritage car’s with us we’ve been busy undertaking some general maintainance and fine tuning on both cars. 
The big job was making a new aerofoil for the Smith car to make it look like it did back in 1984. 
Derek collected both cars yesterday, & reported back after spending a day at Brafield to day both cars ran well with no issues!! 
There are one or two more small details need updating on the Smithy car at a later date but Derek required both cars back as he intends running them both at Barford on Sunday 29th April". 

Don`t forget to see Will in the pits at Kings Lynn on Saturday, if you`re genuinely interested in buying the Harrison built car. That way you can see it on track and off.


Called in to Team22 HQ yesterday with essential supplies (Tea Bags, to those who think a Stock Car is built with steel!), and had a sneaky peek at the new car.  It is going to look fantastic, and will be worth the wait, is all I`m going to say.


9/4/18; Will made his 2018 track debut on Saturday, as the Big League returned to West Row, Mildenhall after a gap of 16 years. He made his entrance through the smoke screen at the Pits Gate - OK, so it was actually a Dust Screen but a little romance on occasions such as this doesn`t hurt! It was where the romance stayed though as Will, having made a reasonably good start, carving his way through the grades, wobbled in that turn one hole, spun and finished up in the fence. Before he had time to get away, a few more joined him and he had to join the group in the middle. As photo 58 shows though, he was in good company before the race was over! Out he came again in the Consolation, having repaired a broken front right King Pin, courtesy of the hole, again giving it his best. This time though, he found himself pushed toward the infield, where he got stuck in the mud! Enough`s enough, he said, so the car was loaded and refreshment sought. As Will says, "onwards and upwards".


2/4/18; The collective smiles on the faces of Team22 after Easter Saturday`s F1 session at Stoke probably stretched further than between Lands End & John O`Groats. The crowds viewing the rebuilt 304 cars in the Heritage Pits was unbelievable, and Will, Johno, Charlie & Roger were hard pressed to talk to everyone, such was the interest shown. There was a definite buzz from the crowd when they took to the track too, which was palpable. Johno and Charlie`s grins can be seen in the photos if you look closely, they enjoyed themselves so much. I don`t think I can remember so many people in the crowd watching the Heritage cars since the Class was introduced either, which was good to see.
Will and the boys are still busy with the New car, and would like to get it on track this season, which of course is Will`s F1 30th (Pearl) Anniversary year. However, he still needs to sell the Ryan Harrison built car to be able to afford to complete the new one. It`s available at a very reasonable price, with spares, and is ideal for any new driver aiming to get into the Big League. Take a look, talk to Will and make it yours.


28/03/2018; The rebuilt 304 cars took to the track at Brafield today for a shakedown session. Will, Johno and Charlie seemed happy with everything, as Dave Harris`s photos show, and they are doubtless looking forward to shifting some of that Stoke shale on Easter Saturday. 




25/03/2018; No track action as yet for Will in 2018, other than his trip to the NIR in January, but he had the best of reasons for not making it to Kings Lynn. He was on Proud Dad duty at his youngest daughter`s 18th Birthday Party. Today`s the day though - HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOIS!!!!! xx


17/03/18; Despite the efforts of the Beast from the East to cause disruption to the UK recently, Team22 have put up the shutters, got the heating (and kettle) on and hunkered down to some hard work on the last chapter. Will sent a couple of photos earlier for you to have a peek at, which are there for all to see in the Album of the same name. Although it`s about ready for the Paintshop, there`s no news on a final colour scheme - Tea shade perhaps?


Team22 are saddened to hear of the sudden death today of old friend, Dave Peters. News which is as shocking as the loss earlier this month of Simon Brooke. Rest in Peace gentlemen


15/02/18; News from Will, and it`s all good.  "Clutch is now all done, gearbox fitted too. So apart from some fine tuning a trip up to Ashbourne is on the cards (time permitting) & once seal of approval has been made next stop will hopefully be the heritage demonstration mtg at Stoke at the end of March �� Now we will be cracking back on with the serious stuff. Should be some updates coming your way over the next few weeks!!"


24/1/18; As the photos in the Winter Project Part 2 Album show, work continues on the 80s Mellor car restoration, with the Starter Motor and Clutch to sort out before it`s pretty much ready. Will has also been able to save his pocket money to afford some fresh steel. Once the order comes through, he can crack on with fabricating Nerf Rails and Bumpers for the new build. Talking of saving up pocket money, if you would care to help Will get the new car on track earlier rather than later in the season, perhaps you could consider some financial sponsorship, which would go a long way to reaching that goal. If you are in a position to do that, please contact Will, Roger or myself either in person, email/PM or good, old fashioned Pigeon Post, depending on whatever method you prefer. Any sponsorship is always greatly appreciated by all of us at Team22. 


16/1/18; I caught up with Will yesterday to find out what the weekend was like. He told me that it was very enjoyable, with Charlie and Johno particularly enjoying themselves as they shared driving duties on that tight indoor track, in the Mellor car. Ricky, Roger, Jim, Trevor and Denno were all there too, and everyone mucked in with a variety of jobs to ensure both cars were in tip top condition both on and off track. There was the usual friendly atmosphere among the BriSCA F1 and Heritage teams, all more than happy to represent and promote the sport.  
As for me, I was unable to go, so I wish to say a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed photos from the event. 


05/01/2018; End of week one already! If you don`t follow Will on Social Media, you`ll be pleased to learn that the 304 car is also going to the NEC next weekend. It`s a possibility that the Heritage cars will lead the cars out for their appearances in the Live Action Arena. The 22 beast is going to be among them, and I can`t help but think that, given a chance, you might see a bit of Showboating from both, especially if Johno is behind the wheel of the Gold Roofed beauty!! Enjoy yourselves if you`re going, and don`t forget to send me your photos to kick off the 2018 Season Album. Thanks 


1/1/2018; Happy New Year to you all from everyone at Team22. Will has been enjoying his Festive period with his family, but also spent a bit of time in the Workshop, preparing the old car for the AutoSports extravaganza at Birmingham`s NEC later this month, his other confirmed booking for 2018 being a return to Texel. Until the car is sold, we will have to wait even longer to see the new build in action as the money is needed to complete that project, so remember that it`s a proven winner, reliable, race ready and easily convertible to use as a dual surface car for the new owner. You`ve seen the photos on here, read the sale details on Stoxnet, now all you need to do is contact Will. Come on folks, you know you want to.....


3rd December 2017; News just in from Will; "Whilst we have a window in our schedule we’ve spent a little time fitting the fuel tank & battery to the 80’s Mellor car.  Next up is the fitting & plumbing of the radiator and a full overhaul of the gearbox we intend to use.  Dave always used the V8 427Ford, however the car did run a Chevy gearbox which is what we intend to use keeping the car as original as possible. More to follow in the coming weeks " 

He`s also told me that the new build is almost ready for the Paint Shop with Bumpers and Nerf Rails to do first. The Engine awaits a bit of a freshen up too. Until the old car is sold though, it means delays will be inevitable, so if you`re looking for a good, proven car which is ready to race, at a sensible price, get in touch with Will now.


19th November 2017; One final outing for what has been a somewhat short season for the 22 car saw Will have loads of fun in his 3 races. First up of course, was the special Farewell Race for the legend that is Mr Rob Cowley (aka Snoopy). Will lined up in an invitation race, 10 laps, 9 drivers, in which the 73 car took the honours with a "win". For the record, Will finished 4th, following that up with a Heat 2 8th place, and a 9th in the Dave Leonard Memorial Final. Results were good, but academic, for the Gala Meeting is really about enjoying the sport we all love, and long may we continue to do so. Winter well, enjoy the up-coming Festivities, and remember, Stock Cars in whatever capacity, is a Hobby, not life - unless you`re a full time car or engine builder of course!!!!!






30/10; As always, the Dave Mellor Gold Roof car attracted much attention at Brafield, and much to Johno`s delight, he got on track in the Heritage Demonstration race. Will fancied taking it out but, as the designated driver, Johno pulled rank!! Dan Squire took pity on Will and offered him the chance to drive the 252 Dave Chisholm car, telling him not to worry about tyres or anything, just to go out there, enjoy himself and put on a show. He certainly did all of that, treating himself and everyone in the Stadium, to a display of good, old fashioned fun in a Stock Car!! Squealing and smoking the tyres, hard driving, and a display of donuts to be proud of. Every one of those cars and drivers showed themselves in a positive light, but it has to be said, Will Yarrow stole the show as he showed off the Gold Roof at last .


24/10; Brafield in October means the traditional Autumn Rumble to end their F1 year. Once again, Team22 will be displaying the Mellor car, and with a bit of luck and time permitting, Johno might get a bit of track time. 


22/10; Kings Lynn felt some of the force of Storm Brian last night, but it didn`t bother Team22. Will brought along some long time friends for their first taste of the real F1, and they absolutely loved it. So did Will! His first heat resulted in a retirement after tangling with the current incumbent of his original number - Ben Hurdman in #207, that is. Next time out was the Consolation, with 10 going through, and Will battled hard to qualify in 9th. He did even better in the Final, using all his years of experience and skills to eventually finishing a particularly tough race in a very creditable 6th, or so we thought! The Meeting Steward realised later that the 22 car was actually a lap down, having rejoined from the centre after jumping out of gear & regaining power. Oh well...  He wasn`t very lucky in the GN either, retiring to the infield after another scuffle, this time in a 4th bend melee. As he said, the first few laps are always a bit of a lottery around there, but the car was running well and he ended the night with no damage. 
Don`t forget, the car is available to buy, ready to race, and complete with a variety of spares. It`s gonna be a good buy for someone, so if you`re interested, give Will a PM, or of you have his number, talk to him. He`s ready to listen


18/9/17; Will and the gang had fun in the sun at Foxhall Heath, where they were able to enjoy being a part of the World Final. Off track it was fun & laughter all the way as usual, with a bit of on track action. practice went well, but unfortunately the 22 car suffered with clutch trouble during Heat 2, so the Team loaded up and joined the crowd for the rest of the meeting. Huge Congratulations go to Nigel Green, now going for the treble as he aims to add Silver to his Gold and Orange/Black checks. 


3/9/17; It was fantastic to see the Team22 bus rolling into the Kings Lynn Pits yesterday afternoon, and in good time too. I admit that I wasn`t sure where it would be parked though, as there was a distinct lack of puddles out there! Usually you`ll find him next to (or in) the biggest one. It was also nice to find so many of you going up for a natter, photos and the odd autograph too. Anyway, down to business and the 22 car rolled on track for Heat 2. Once under way, it looked like Will had never been away as he fought his way to a credible 5th spot as the chequered flags were waved. Heat 3 wasn`t so kind and he had to retire to the infield with a puncture when well placed, as the boards were about to be shown. Despite continuing to battle hard, Lady Luck remained unimpressed, and a trip into the armco saw him retire again. Returning to the Pits during an enforced break in racing for another stricken driver, the decision was made to load up and deal with repairs back at base. Over all, Will was happy with things and told me that he didn`t have much damage - essentially the back bumper and a couple of tyres. Time to prepare the car for the World Final meeting. See you there 


30/8/17; If you`ve been looking on Social Media Stock Car sites this morning and thought you were hallucinating, rest assured you weren`t. Will Yarrow IS on the World Final Meeting booking list, and has been for a little while. I told you we would see him more than once in September, didn`t I? 




9/8/17;  My ex Murray/Ryan Harrison car.


Fitted with fully rebuilt 406ci small block chevy. 

As raced by me this year in Texel, new Dart SHP block, new cam lifters, Airflow Research heads fully rebuilt with new valves, springs etc.

5.5" Tilton clutch & release bearing, Tilton reverse mount starter & bellhousing. Harrison Supplies quick change ratio box.


Comes with spare wheels & tyres (tar & shale), spare shocks, spare gears, link arms, shale & tar wings. £17k 

For more info call: 07941 454250


7/8/17; Team 22 send their condolences to the Hodgson family on the sad news that they have lost Dave.


19/7/2017; Will had a fantastic weekend on Texel island, coming home late on Monday with another tick on his Bucket List - to race in Holland. For the record, the results (from Will) were; 6th and 10th in Saturday`s Heats, 6th and 7th in the Heats on Sunday, and finishing the A Final. The engine and car were "all good". Will told me that the track is only used twice a year, and F1s visit annually. It was bumpy to start, which suited him as it meant everyone took it steady, giving him the opportunity to settle everything down nicely first time out. He also noticed the difference in the approach to racing by the Dutch, which sounds to me to be more in keeping with the origins of the sport - use the bumper to move the opposition out of the way, not annihilate them!  It certainly produced some entertaining racing from what I understand, not just to watch, but to participate in. Off track was equally as enjoyable, with Dutch fans, drivers and officials alike making all of the British drivers, families, crews and fans feel very welcome. 
A special "Thank you" goes out to the Spigt family for their hospitality. Pascal (H6) finally persuaded Will to go over, and his family provided space for 10 Transporters, drivers, families and crews to stay over the weekend. As Will said, "Nothing was to much trouble and they couldn`t do enough for us, feeding and watering us over the (3) days we were there". 
Next stop for Will is a holiday with his beautiful wife, so no Kings Lynn for him. It`s a shame for us that we have to wait a bit longer to see him on track here, but we should never lose site of the facts -  Stock Car Racing is his hobby. His wife and family are his priority. Looking forward to seeing you racing again somewhere soon.  




1/7/17; The new build is on the back burner for a while longer, but for a very good reason. After what seems like an eternity, Will has finally been able to source the parts he needed to revamp the engine he planned to drop into last year`s car, and as the photos published today in "The Last Chapter" Album show, the deed has finally been done. Now to finish tidying the car up and make it track worthy as Will tries to honour a promise that he made some years ago to Pascal Spigt (H6) - who has reminded him at least every Christmas since!!! That promise is to go to The Netherlands and give it a whirl on the exiting Dutch track of Texel. The Ferry is booked ....! One more thing - this car is FOR SALE, so if you`re genuinely interested in buying a proven winning car, and want more details, Will`s the man to talk to.
If you`re going, please let me have your photos of Team22, on track, in the Pits or both, as I won`t be able to join them. All credit given for any photos used. Thanks in advance.


Still no racing for Team22, as plans for a possible return at Belle Vue have been scuppered by the need for a Cam Lifter, which is proving problematic to locate. On a lighter note, there will be celebrations in the Yarrow Seniot household today as Roger and Jane celebrate their 52nd Wedding Anniversary. Many Congratulations to them both  from us all.


11/6/2017; So far this year, the on track action has been limited to Buxton`s Heritage outing last month, but there is a possibility that the old 22 car could be making its way through the Pit Gates soon, although exactly where and when isn`t 100% certain. It could be as soon as a couple of weeks` time, or we may have a bit longer to wait. Time will tell - and so will we, just as soon as we`re sure. In the meantime, enjoy the photos from Team22 HQ, when the Best Presented Heritage Car and Trophy were seen together for the first time. Keep your eyes peeled for a report and maybe one of the photos in the Heritage News letter soon. You can say you saw it here first - unless you spotted it among the collection on my or Will`s FaceBook walls earlier!!


22/5/17; Buxton in May this year was fun for the boys of Team22, who were pitted somewhere other than in their "normal" spot. It was the first time out on track for Richard (Johno) Johnson and the 1978 Gold Roof, 304 car, and what a day it proved to be. Johno piloted the old girl to a 2nd place in the Heritage class opening Heat before following up with a Heat 2 win. Victory in the Final put the icing on the cake. To finish the day off in style, the obligatory Fish & Chips stop in Ashbourne on the way home was a "sit down" meal, courtesy of a certain gentleman by the name of Dave Mellor.
I wish we could have been there, but circumstances prevented it, so I would like to thank Will, Toni and Andy Leivers for their photos. 


15/5/2017; Photos coming from Team22 HQ prove that there`s more going on there than drinking tea!!! A couple of panels certainly make a difference to a project, that`s for sure. It won`t be long before we see some Track action either - rumour has it that Johno will be taking the 304 car out to play at Buxton on Sunday (21st)! If you can give him some support, I`m sure he`ll lap it up. If you can take some photos for me to use on here, I would too, as I`m afraid, due to family commitments, I won`t be able to make it to the meeting now. Thanks in advance.


22/04/17; The latest news from Team22 HQ is positive on the new car front. Charlie has welded the floor, and engine mounts, gear change and steering is all done. Next up will be the side and roof plates, followed by the bonnet panels. Add to all of that, a road trip yesterday for Will to collect a new Dart Block which will be assembled and put in place in last years`s car, ready for an outing or two, is keeping the boys on their toes.


12/1/17;New Year, new car - in the fullness of time. Meanwhile, the new build is on wheels at last and coming along nicely. Other Team Members` commitments mean a change of car to work on for a while as last years` model gets a bit of an overhaul in readiness for some possible early season track time. Keep an eye open for more photos, which will be published as soon as I get them.




20/11016; Trevor Austin, ace Transporter driver, has sent the latest photo from Team22 HQ, showing just how much has been achieved in the last week. Brilliant stuff. It also shows Johno having a well earned rest......!


13/11/16; It`s official - Team22 are beginning "The Final Chapter" with another self built Shale Car. You may have gathered from the photo in the new Album that it`s not quite ready, but Will & Johno are busy working on it.
Meanwhile, Will would like to thank everybody who has taken time out to chat when he`s been trackside this year, & for those of you who have shown your support by buying a Team22 Cap. much appreciated. His biggest thanks, as ever, go to his Sponsors. Every bit of Sponsorship, however big or small, helps to keep him racing & is always greatly appreciated.
Stay in touch with progress on the new build as news comes in. See you in 2017!!!!


31/10/16; Huge Congratulations to Rob Speak on his memorable Shootout Victory at Belle Vue yesterday, from all of us at Team22 HQ. Retiring at the top!! Here`s to a successful new era, as a Promoter ( did you say you were joining the Dark side? ). 


17/10/16; Thanks to everyone who stopped by to admire, photograph & chat to Will, Johno & Rog at the Heritage display at Brafield yesterday. Disappointing not to see them on track, but other, more important things happened which prevented it. Given that, everyone at Team 22 are thinking of the Sworder family, and sending positive thoughts and get well wishes to their good friend, Dick.


13/10/16; Been talking to Will, who told me that time has run out with regard to getting the car sorted for the remaining Shale meetings, so to quote the man himself, "We`ve decided to call it a year for 2016, having made plans that will hopefully see us back on track for 2017, with a more competitive machine". Don`t worry though, you`ve still got a chance to see him this Sunday at the traditional Autumn Rumble at Brafield, where he is displaying that stunning rebuilt Mellor car. Who knows, if time allows, it might even have a trundle round the track.


6/10/16; It was a very wise move back to the pits indeed on Saturday night, as the diagnosis for the noise has come back. the rocker arm broke in the engine, with some of it going into the sump. The engine is out, but the repair will take a bit of time so that means no Sheffield for Will this Sunday. He hopes to be ready for Kings Lynn on the 22nd, but it remains to be seen. Fingers crossed he`ll be back out before the (was to be last ever) Coventry meeting on November 5th! We`ll keep you posted.




25/9/16; Blimey, that was a rough night. The wind whipped dust up everywhere at Saddlebow Road, making visibility difficult even in the Pits, long before the action started! Anyway, the 22 car got on with it in Heat 2, and had a pretty decent start to the night, picking up a respectable 4th place behind some hard battlers, and ahead of most of the Shootout boys. It looked promising for a good Final, but Will was clattered up against the wall on the 1st bend early in the race and eventually had to retire to the middle with a resultant broken rear shocker. Out the car and a quick jog to the safe side before the race resumed!! Hard work in the pits got that sorted out, ready for the GN. Again the promise of points was stolen when Will tangled with a fellow Blue top. They were able to shake each other off but the 22 car was left with a flat front tyre. Frustrating, but that`s racing. Not much damage over all though, so it should be a reasonably easy week of preparation for the return to Coventry on October 1st.


18/09/16; No track action for Team22 since the World Final, but plenty going on at HQ. After some brutal hits in the aforementioned meeting, the car was looking somewhat jaded, so the last couple of weeks have been spent doing some bumper work of a different sort! Brand new British Steel now adorns the car, which hopefully will see us through the rest of this season. The plan is to do the remainder of the Shale fixtures, excessive damage or unforeseen circumstances permitting of course.






23/8/16; It was Johno`s turn to shine on track last weekend as he joined in the fun at the Startrax promoted Heritage Festival at Coventry. He tells me that he had a great time, loads of fun & laughs, a couple of 3rd place finishes, one of which followed a sudden stop to avoid the rolled 55 car ahead of him, and a 5th in the Final. He led that for a while - until he spun himself out!!! Great recovery Johno.
Back at Team22 HQ it`s all systems go to prepare for the (maybe not last ever at Brandon?) World Final on September 3rd. Will is on the outside, next to young Tom Boyer, on Row 13. Youth & Experience side by side. That`s what`s good about this sport. We know Will has experience in spades, a good car & a positive attitude, so all he needs is Good Luck. 


18/8/16; Will & Johno had a great time on track at Silverstone on Semi #2 day (14th), as Marvin Hall`s brilliant selection of photographs show. Thank you for letting us share them here. It`s much appreciated. It seems to have been a fun and relaxing way to prepare for that big race which is scheduled for September 3rd at Coventry, which is when we shall next see the 22 car on shale again. Can`t wait! There are still some Team Caps available for sale from the Bus, as well as a limited run of photographs for you to collect. I`m sure Will will be happy to sign them for you, time permitting of course. See you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


7th August; It`s a good thing last night`s session at Brandon was a "rehearsal", because those gremlins decided to pay Team22 a visit. Hopefully it`s nothing serious. but the car seemed to have its fair share of blue smoke, right from the off. Generally, Will was happy with the performance of the car, although he would have been happier had he placed a bit higher in his heat. However, concerned about the smoke, he decided to play it safe rather than risk major engine issues. There`s plenty of time to look into the problem & sort it out before September 3rd. You might still see Will before then though, as Johno should be coming out to play in the 304 car at Brandon on August 20th, when there`s a big day of Heritage racing taking place, promoted by Startrax. They are also due to attend the Silverstone Truck Festival next weekend, where the Heritage car and the F1 are scheduled to appear in a Stock Car Display, featuring a "drive by" event. No doubt Will & Johno will be representing themselves and the sport in a very positive way, as always.


3rd August; Don`t forget to see Will in the Pits (when he` racing), and buy yourself a Team22 Hat to show your support at the World Final in September. It`ll be the best £20 you spend. The Team Shirt he had for sale has gone. We`re uncertain as to whether there will be any more team wear of any sort available in the future, but if it happens, it`ll be announced on here.


31/7/16; A typical Sheffield Semi took place today. It was tough, the fence was hungry all afternoon, and the track had an appetite for tyres, the amount of punctures that occurred throughout the meeting, and it certainly wasn`t pretty. The end result of race 4 on the card was all that mattered though, and for Team22 it means that Will Yarrow will be on the Grid for the "last ever" Coventry staged World Final come September. Happy days. For the record, he had a bit of an up and down race, but crossed the line in 9th place. As for the rest of the afternoon, he battled through to 5th in the Final before tangling on the bends, and although he avoided the fence, he couldn`t prevent himself from joining a centre green gathering of punctures. He fared better in the National and picked up a respectable 7th spot. Next up is Coventry next week.


15/7/16; Team22 are saddened by the news of the death yesterday of Dave Leonard. He will be missed by all within the sport, but leaves a huge gap within his family. Our hearts go out to them all.




3/7/16; Why is it that this morning`s "ear worm" is Tommy Roe`s hit "Dizzy"? Maybe because that`s how Will felt after last night`s rough ride at Coventry! He started out in determined form, battling his way to 4th in Heat 1, but ended it, spinning on to the centre, having tangled with a White top. Out for the Consolation, he grabbed the 6th and final qualifying place, to be able to grid for the Meeting Final. Once again, he made progress, only to lose places after a restart, when he made a bit of a mistake on the green flag, but worse was to come. Another racing incident saw Will involved in a melee on the back straight, spinning wildly before coming to a halt, facing the wrong direction in the incessant dust. He took several hits as a result, until thankfully the Yellows came out in the interests of safety. Perhaps not quite the preparations he would have chosen for the Sheffield Semi! So, back to the Party bus it was. If you weren`t aware, the reason for the decorations on (and in) the bus were that it was used the previous evening to transport youngest daughter Lois and friends to their Prom!! 


20/6/16; Will was a wee bit sceptical about going to Ipswich after his trip to Skegness the previous week, but he was glad he went. The car seemed to like it, collecting points from all of his races, and coming away with no damage. His booking for Northampton had to be cancelled at the 11th hour, due to problems with the Transporter, but whatever it is should be resolved in time for Coventry and a return to the Shale he so much favours.


12/6/16; Massive Congratulations from Team22 to Team Wainman. Frankie won an unprecedented 8th British Championship at Skegness last night, with little brother Danny taking the Runners` up spot and son, Frankie JJ coming so close to making it a Wainman 1,2,3. Topping that maybe, was Phoebe winning the same title in the V8 Hotstox. StockCar Royalty on The Queen`s Official Birthday? 
Will`s onslaught on the title didn`t quite go to plan. He spent the week fitting a new Clutch as well as making the necessary alterations to run on Tar, and came out in the "Shale Drivers Special" Heat1. This was to set the scene for the night, ending up in the middle, with "wonky wheels" (both rear tyres down, the outside off the wheel) and a broken 1/2 shaft to boot! Out again in Heat 5 and again no luck. Heat 7 was his last race of the night, a 9th place finish not being enough to make the Title race. By the way, if you were wondering about the "For Sale" sign - it never got taken off the aerofoil when the old Tar car was sold!!  


5/6/16; Well, there was some brutal, old fashioned Stock Car racing at Coventry last night, and that was just the Final!!. Having qualified in 6th from Heat 2, Will battled his way through to the front in what was a (necessarily) Yellow Flag littered race. Luckily, he wasn`t involved in any of the hard hitting and very damaging racing incidents, but, as seems to have become "the norm" this year, the 22 car hits the front and the Yellows come out - again! He kept pushing but eventually had to retire due to a flat when in a decent points scoring position. He came back out for the GN and joined in the fun, finishing well, in 4th place. Again, so close, but that win really isn`t far away.
It was a very hectic night for the boys in the Pits, as mechanics duties were shared between TWO cars, because, of course, the long awaited return to the Track of the 1978, 304 Gold Top car meant that Will had to wield the spanners for Johno, between his own races!!! It was a proud moment for the former #78 pilot when he drove onto the Coventry shale, with a very special passenger in the shape of the Big Man himself. That was great to see, but it got better. Heats 1 & 2 for the Group 2 Heritage cars proved that, despite not racing for many years now, Richard Johnson has still got it!. He got the power down and attacked that track like he`d never been away, emerging as a DOUBLE heat winner, and runner up in the Final . Brilliant to watch. It was just a shame that the F1 group winners were denied a Victory Lap after each of their races, because they all deserved one. Wouldn`t have minded being a fly on the bus wall on the way home!!!
It`ll be business, but not quite as usual, at Team22 HQ this week, as they`ll be converting the car for a shot at the British next week at SkegVegas.  There`s also a possibility of seeing the car out for a few more Tarmac sessions before this Month is over. Looking forward to it? We are!




31/5/16; Wow! What a brilliant Bank Holiday Weekend that was! It started off at Kings Lynn on Saturday night, where Team22 arrived in the pits in good time, to prepare for the evening`s events relaxed and focussed, allowing time to socialise before the task at hand. Will came out ready to do battle in Heat 2, which he led for some time before the big hitters bore down on him. Still, qualifying for the Final in 8th place wasn`t to be sniffed at, repeating the act in the Final itself. He finished the night with a 10th in the National, happy in the knowledge that things are beginning to go the way he wants them. Come the Bank Holiday Monday and we left a dull, cool East Midlands early to arrive in a gloriously sunny and warm Manchester in good time. Heat 1 this time for Will, and once again, a powerful, battling performance took him into an early lead. As has been the case so far this year, the 22 car hits the front and shortly afterwards, the yellow flags come out to close the grid! Will kept his cool, but finished 2nd. Another lap and he could`ve had it back! Come the Final though, he was back out there, fast starting, throwing the car into the bends and keeping the power down throughout to hit the front once again. I think the whole Team thought the win was on, but, you`ve guessed it, out came the yellow flags and up close came the big hitters. Hanging in there for a very respectable 3rd place, Will provided the Victory Lap transportation and gave lessons in how to conduct the post Final interview. Yet more hard driving was to come in a confusing Grand National, in which Will battled to 9th, having endured hit after hit. As always, Will wants to say thank you to his Pit Crew and Sponsors for keeping him out on track. He`s not 100% happy with the car yet though, but feels that he`s well on the way to finding that "little bit extra" that will take him to the Checkered Flags. Then, he`ll be satisfied!!!! 


16/5/2016; While many of us basked in glorious sunshine, watching Neil Scriven become the 2016 UK Open Champion, Will and Roger were at Swadlincote (Derbyshire, for those who may not know) with the beautifully restored Dave Mellor Gold Top car proudly displayed, and being a bit of a show stopper by all accounts. I`m sure that the photos donated to this website by Paul Greenwood were amongst many taken of the old girl. Will is due back on track at Kings Lynn on May 28th, followed by a final effort to grab a (hopefully BIG) handful of World Final qualifying points at Belle Vue a couple of days later. Coventry will be after that, so take these opportunities to watch Will and the 22 car before the Tarmac takes over again for the rest of June!


8/5/16; Coventry in May is usually worth going to, but this session had the added spice of being "the last ever" at Brandon (aren`t they all this year?). This one had the bonus of glorious weather too, kicking up dust as well as exiting racing. Anyway, Will, having got the clutch and his back sorted since Kings Lynn last week, was up for the battle, and he certainly did that. Reading the results the following day never reflects the truth behind it and his snatching last qualifying spot from Heat 3 to make the Meeting Final doesn`t say what a battle he had to do it. He flew from Blue and reached 2nd place before hitting the fence. Scrambling back into the race and gaining places again, he was spun off line by a struggling driver before recovering to grab that 10th place. Things didn`t go Will`s way in the Final, eventually seeing him retire to the infield. In Grand National number TWO (seriously), we saw just how much progress has been made with the set up, with places being gained from the Green Flag, and a very respectable 4th in that one was just reward for all the efforts from the Team22 Pit Crew of Johno, Jim and Trevor. Special thanks go to Ricky Johnson (yes, Johno the younger), for his work, assisting the aforementioned crew AND keeping the Tea flowing all night, and also to Dave Harris, ace Shale Scraper Offer!!! See you again at Kings Lynn and Belle Vue over the Bank Holiday weekend.


May Day 2016; Last night at Kings Lynn ended for Will as it had begun, painfully! Team 22 were loaded and ready to go at noon, but the transporter had other ideas and decided she wasn`t going to start. That problem resolved, after the thick end of an hour, off they went to fuel up. Eventually arriving shortly before the Whites & Yellows took to the track, things began to fall into place. Will was out in Heat 2, and flew. He was happy - the car was happy, the win was very much on. The clutch had other ideas and began slipping toward the end, but it didn`t stop Will from picking up an excellent 3rd. Back in the pits though, that pain I mentioned earlier raised its ugly head. Will`s back had been twinging in the morning, but now it was intense. Load up, night over! Thankfully both problems are resolvable so with some TLC, rest and pain relief, we hope to be at Coventry to do it all again next Saturday.


10/4; Following on from celebrating elder daughter Ellie`s 18th birthday on Friday night, Will`s return to racing continued at a steady pace today on the Owlerton shale. Coming out for what was, on paper anyway, lining up as a busy and very competitive Heat 2, he finished the race in 8th place, mirroring his Coventry come back. Come the Final , he was going well but went out, although he was able to recover and finish a creditable 10th. He retired from the GN with a broken half shaft while battling hard through the field. He was once again, satisfied with the car's performance and was happy to have stayed clear of the fence. Results wise, he blamed the green wrist bands!!!!!


3/4; He`s back!! Not with a bang as such, but certainly not with a whimper! Will came out for Heat 3, his first on track action for exactly a year. As he said, it was good to get back in his overalls. As for the racing itself, he compared that to riding a bike! Form wise, he was very happy with how it went. Unluckily, having qualified for the Final with an 8th spot in the heat, his well worked 7th at the last waved yellows of the final had to be forfeited for a seat on the centre, thanks to what he described as "teething problems". Up next is Sheffield on Sunday 10th. 


30/3/16; The Team22 Caps will be on sale at the transporter from Saturday April 2nd, at Coventry. Cost £20 each. Treat yourself and show your support for Will.


27/3/16; Most kids would`ve been happy with an Easter Egg or three today. Not this one. Oh no. My best Easter gift is the news that Will has finally got the engine in place, given her a run today, and is all set for Saturday, April 2nd at Coventry. For those who may ask "Why now? He`s had a year to get it sorted out", Well, for much of that year, Will has been battling to put the finances together to be able to get it sorted, and that isn`t easy. If anything, this might remind one or two out there that Stock Car Racing is avery expensive hobby for most drivers, and I`m certain that even the guys for whom it`s their job will tell you that money doesn`t suddenly appear when it`s needed. Sponsors are an essential part of it for every driver out there, however little or much that sponsorship may be, and is always welcome. Given this, Team22 are pleased to be able to announce that there will be a limited amount of Team Hats for sale very soon - the cost of which is to be confirmed at this stage. Watch this space, as the saying goes.
Massive thanks from Will go to Dave Harris for arranging this. If you`re not sure who Dave is, think Cow Bell. Mine`s the School Bell, which will be dusted off during the week, in anticipation of a few outings this season !!!


12/3/2016; Checked in to Team22 HQ today to see what the latest state of play is - "play" being the operative word in some cases, eh Johno? He was busy working on the Mellor car, in readiness for a demo or two during the year. She sure looks smart, as does the 22 chassis, roof and Transporter, following some hard graft with some fantastic products from those equally fantastic people at Power MaXed. 
The engine is with Harrison Supplies and is due back at HQ during the coming week. Next up will be a trip to Peter Knight for Dyno tuning, but Will is unlikely to make his track debut until April 2nd for Coventry`s opening F1 meeting of its final year, due to family and work commitments. Obviously if anything changes, we`ll let you know, but otherwise, role on April!!!!!!


28/2/16; The 2016 Season Photo Album kicks off with some photos from Stoneleigh, taken today by Will - not the couple he features in though, obviously. He`s talented, but not that much!! All the hard work was worthwhile, with plenty of positive feedback making its way to Team22 HQ. Well deserved I would say. 


20/2/16; Will has confirmed that the restored Dave Mellor Gold Roof car will be on display at the Race Retro Show at Stoneleigh next week end. Worth a visit, especially if you are a fan of Retro Race vehicles. If not, it won`t be long now until the new season starts!!!!




8/2/16; As you may be aware, Will has become quite adept at Karting, with big thanks to our good friend Dave Harris, who once again took one or two people out to play again at Corby recently! It all helps to pass the time, and in the case of Johno, hone his competitive driving skills - not that he really needs it!!! Having said that, he had a bit of a nightmare with a sticking brake. Will, on the other hand, finished 3rd over all, behind 1st placed Michael Green and some kid called Wildchild Sworder. The result was almost as good as that one down in NZ. Proud of you all, TeamGB


6th February 2016!!!! It`s been a while, but - at last, the first news of 2016 from Team22 HQ! Will & Johno have been working on the other Mellor car which was acquired by Charlie. They`ve been busy building new axles for him . They`re also preparing for the new season, which we hope is going to be fruitful for Will, following his enforced year off.
There`s a Race Retro Historic Motor Sport Show at Stoneleigh Park at the end of the Month (26th to 28th), so if you`re planning to go, keep an eye out for the Gold Roof, as it may be on display at the event. Even better is the news that we may see it on track at Coventry later in the year, license for Mr Johnson pending. He has the honour of being the "designated driver" for the car, much to his delight - talk about kids at Christmas!!!!!!
Finally, we send our Congratulations to Ryan Harrison, on his recent Wedding.


11/12/15; At long last, after a lot of  hard work, Team22 have completed their Winter Project, which began in 2012! As you may have read on FaceBook group page "Dave Mellor 304 "The Big Man" Fan Group, Brenda has announced that the refurbished car is to be officially handed over to Dave on Sunday 13th, 12:30 at Stepping Stones Pub in Ashbourne. Hopefully there will be the local press there to record the event and do a bit of a write up. 


Many congratulations to long time Team22 member/Bus Driver, Trevor Austin. 60 today!!
Have a very Happy Birthday


17/11; Will continues to work hard in the Workshop, mostly on the Mellor car rebuild. As the recent photos show, there`s a nice, shiny engine in place now, but there are still bits to do before the Winter Project is complete. To be fair, when he started, he never said which Winter it would be finished in!!! As for the 22 car, things are slowly coming together at last, so Will`s looking forward to the 2016 season. Hopefully he`ll remember what to do!!


1/11/2015; Many congratulations from Team22 to Dan Johnson on his well earned Shootout Championship win. The Silver roof will look good with orange camouflage!!


18/10; The Road Trip had a positive outcome so it seems that the end of the Winter Project is closer. If you want to see - and hear- it for yourself, take a peek at the 7 second video shot on Will`s Twitter feed. Short, but very sweet!


16/10; Will & Johno are planning a road trip tomorrow, hopefully to get another step closer to completion of the Winter Project. Fingers crossed for some positive news very soon.


20/9; Team22 send Congratulations to 318, Rob Speak, on winning the F1 World Championship for a second time following a chaotic race. Our good wishes for speedy and full recoveries from their various injuries go to the on-track photographer, and Kings Lynn Adrian Flux Arena owner, Buster Chapman, both knocked over in separate incidents on the centre, and obviously, to Dylan Williams-Maynard following his major incident. A timely reminder that Motor Sports ARE dangerous.


30/8/15; Will confirmed that he has cancelled his booking for the Consolation Semi at Belle Vue. He also told me that, although some of the engine parts have been delivered, he is still waiting for the main bit, the Crank! So, sadly, it looks like Team22 are writing off  this season, and are looking ahead to 2016, and a fresh start.


27/7; What a meeting. What a Semi Final race. Some even called it a classic! Sadly, it wasn`t so for Will. Racing his old car, kindly loaned back to him by Eliot Smith for the event, it turned out to be a bit of a beast to drive, and Will told me afterwards that he struggled to control it. If anything, it shows the value of the pre meeting practice sessions at the Tarmac tracks. Anyway, back to the Semi. It almost ended before it began for Team22, with Will tangling and climbing all over a couple of cars on the opening lap. He was in 19th position at the first re-start after lap 3. Unfortunately, lap 7 was also yellow flagged, this time for Will, who was stranded across the home straight, stuck firmly in the rope and post fence, directly in front of yours truly. He tried to tell me that he`d done it so I could get some decent photos for the Gallery, but I`m not convinced! There`ll be no return to Belle Vue for the Bank Holiday staging of the Consolation Semi, but there IS an outside chance that we`ll see the 22 car in action at the World Final Meeting. Much of the engine parts are here, but there`s one item out standing, so unless that arrives within the next few weeks, it could come down to a "shakedown" session at the season`s end, if we`re to see some track time for Will.


18/7/15; Many of you will now know that Will is taking his place on the Shale Semi grid next week. He was offered the use of a car a couple of weeks ago, accepting the gesture a couple of days ago. You may have spotted the wing at Northampton today. Stuart Smith is transporting it "up North", ready to adorn the loan car. If you don't know who's car it is, let's just say that Will knows it intimately!


29/6/15; The good news is that the parts are on order! The down side, as we`ve said before, is that there`s a long wait before delivery. Then of course, the engine has to be reassembled, fitted, tested...... IF ( and our fingers are crossed) Will gets back out there this year, it`ll probably be for an end of season shake-down session. We`ll keep you posted.


Saturday, 19th June 1965 was a very special day for the Yarrow family. Happy Golden Wedding Anniversary to Roger & Jane.


11/6/15; Did you enjoy reading Beaks` interview with Will last week? One thing he couldn`t tell us about was that Will has, at last, been able to sort out the parts he needs. It won`t be a swift return to the track though, as we`re looking at a time scale of at least 12 weeks between ordering and taking delivery of it all. Whether or not we`ll see him at the World Final this year remains to be seen, but if we do, he`ll probably be spectating. In the meantime, I was lucky enough to get an exclusive look at the new car. You can see it in the 2015 Album.


4/6/2015; If you are going to Coventry this weekend, don't forget to pick up a copy of the programme on Saturday night. Ian (Beaks) Bennett's regular interview feature should make interesting reading!


27/5/2015; You may have seen the latest photo in this year`s album already, on Will`s Twitter feed. If you`ve been wondering, he caught one THIIIIIIIIIIS big - but his rod broke!
Seriously, Will has been busy, working hard to put together the necessary funds to pay for a new Crank and all that goes with it, but like everything else connected with this fantastic sport, it`s not cheap. As I`ve said before, if you want to help him get back out this season, you can PM Will via Twitter or Facebook, or you can find me somewhere round a bend at most Meetings.


Another year older eh? HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL!!


Happy Birthday Johno.  50 today!!!    


4/5/2015; Popped in to Team22 HQ on the way through to Coventry last Saturday morning. Will & Johno were beavering away as usual, tidying the chassis and the workshop! Meanwhile they await the arrival of new parts for the engine. In fact, engines are a bit of an issue at the moment because that`s the only bit left to fit into the Mellor car, when it comes back!! We are all cautiously optimistic about both, but if you should happen to see anyone wandering around, cross-eyed, arms and legs folded in to strange angles, you can be fairly certain that you will have seen a Team22 member!


6/4/2015; The mood was positive at Team22 HQ on Saturday morning (4th). The car looked good, thanks to a good old polish up by Johno! The oil leak had been sorted out in the week, initially with a replacement fitting, but further leakage meant that a new pipe was added. Come the 3rd heat at Coventry, Will was going really well but he heard a noise, dipped the clutch, and pulled on to the centre. Turns out that he dropped a con rod through the sump. Hopefully the engine strip down won`t show anything worse, and he can be back on track soon. It does mean, however, that there will be a lay off of undetermined length, due to the costs involved. If you would like to help ease the financial burden please find me at the tracks. As the saying goes "every little helps". Thank you.


29/3/15; A new season began for Team22 last night at the newly named & refurbished "Adrian Flux Arena". Welcome to Mark Cox, who is sponsoring Will this year. You can see his Companies (Cox Scientific, & By Rowell Appointment) logos on either side of the car. It`s nice to see another local business man getting involved, & Will appreciates Mark`s input. On track, there was good news, & there was bad news. Bad news first. The car developed an oil leak, which resulted in the decision to load up so it can be dealt with in the Workshop, rather than risk racing & potentially ending the season almost before it began by blowing the engine. So, what was the good news? Will did race, just once AND WON!!!! In some style, taking the lead before the Union Flag came out, crossing the line with some eminent names trailing in his wake! There`s no wonder he looked so thrilled on the Victory Parade - or was that due to the effort of staying on the back of the truck?.


21/03/2015; Almost there, and according to some members of Team22, the only thing left apart from loading up for Kings Lynn on the 28th, is to make tea.
I`m not a betting woman, but I wonder what the odds would be on the following? Will says that he will be at Saddlebow early! Before the Pit gates are opened! Johno suggested getting there on Friday night, just to be sure! I am still laughing!!!!


25/1/15; Let me take you back to Sheffield`s last race of the 2014 season, when Will`s clutch finally gave up the ghost. Happily, that has now been replaced. The front and rear bumpers are gone and await new ones, currently being built. The 2015 season is nigh! Is it March yet




28/11/14; The Shale car is on the back burner just now, with little more than fitting a new clutch, checking the gearbox and doing some minor cosmetic work needed for 2015. So, it`s back to the Winter project, and as the Album of the same name shows, things are coming on apace now. Charlie has done much of the work to get the car this far, and now it`s down at Team22 HQ for the final onslaught - or at least that`s the plan. Looking at the latest pics, it`s hard to tell who`s most exited to be sitting in the Big Man`s seat since both look like kids at Christmas!!


10/11/2014; Congratulations from all at Team22 to Rob Speak on taking the Silver Roof in his return season to BriSCA F1, Congratulations also to Frankie Wainman, who wrestled the Grand National Championship back from his brother, and Mat Newson, who finished top of the pile in the season long Points race.
After a fun Friday night out at Coventry, celebrating Murray Harrison`s 50th birthday, Will ended his season on a high, finishing the last Shale meeting of 2014 in fine style. Taking to the Owlerton track in glorious Autumn sunshine, Will took the lead in Heat 1 just before the half way flag was shown. A fast charging Mal Brown nipped in front with a timely hit in the last few laps, but Will was having none of it and battled back to snatch victory on the line. He watched Heat 2 from the centre green after the car jumped out of gear. Sensing clutch problems, the decision to retire from that one was taken, but he was able to drive off back to the Pits. The problem persisted, although it made no difference to performance, and Will ended the afternoon with a well earned 5th in the Final, and 8th in the Grand National. The clutch finally gave up during the Dash for the cash race. 
It may be the close season, but Team22 HQ remains busy. Work continues on the "Winter Project", and it`s fair to say completion of that is eagerly anticipated! We`ll keep you up to date with progress, as well as any other news, throughout the coming months.
All that is left to say now, is a massive "Thanks" from Will, to all of his Sponsors, big or small, for all their help during the year. Sponsorship is vital in this sport, and without it, Will wouldn`t be racing. CSEllis(group) have been constant with their support from 1990 to date, and Will is particularly grateful to them for this. He has also appreciated the time given by many people for sparing a moment at the Transporter to chat, offer words of encouragement and support at meetings, and has been humbled by those who have handed him cash towards his racing, for whatever reason wishing to remain anonymous. As the saying goes "you know who you are".


2/11/14; Something strange about the final Coventry of the year? Yes - the sun was shining, the sky was blue and the weather was unseasonably "shirt-sleeves" warm! Well, it was during the day at least. Come the evening it felt much more seasonal, although it remained dry, which meant plenty of watering of the track during the meeting, and lots of dust to contend with during racing. It can`t have been easy out there, and this was reflected by Will`s 10th place finish in the Coventry Track Championship Final, and 8th in Heat 2. He spun off in the closing stages of the Final with mechanical problems after seemingly battling with the car and the conditions throughout much of the race, and took the decision to sit out the Grand National. A bit of a "damp squib" after the euphoria of Kings Lynn last time out, but that`s racing for you!
Of course, from the Driver`s view, it can be quite different, and Will tells me that it was more to do with not getting the breaks he needed, much more than any issues with the car`s performance. As for the non start of the National. The starter was playing up, and lets face it, if that won`t work, it makes moving a bit like hard work!! The crew will take a good look at that during the week, then it`ll be all systems go for Team22s final appearance of this year, up in Sheffield.




5/10/14; October`s Coventry was a strange affair for Will, summed up as being "The Case of the Commentator`s Curse". The evening started out with the Team22 bus being sent to the back pits, despite their early arrival, not that it was a problem in itself, other than to give Will a bit of a trek to go and give Elliott Smith a bit of advice with set up on the old Shale car. The strangeness began when the 22 car came out on track for Heat 2. Not sure now if it was Peter York on the roving mic, or Martin Horsley from the box, but the observation was made that Will has been Mr Consistency this year, finishing each of his Coventry Meeting Finals no lower than in 8th place. Unfortunately, the comment was substantiated with the advice that he was "one to watch". Will made excellent progress and was well positioned to pass 445 and go on to a high finish, possibly even to take that elusive victory, but then "the Curse" struck. A snapped Torque Arm caused a retirement to the infield and gave the Team plenty to do to prepare for the Consolation. A repair was completed, but as he left the Pits to go and line up, it went again and this time saw the end of his night. Oh well, there`s always Kings Lynn.




18/9/14; If you`re not one of Will`s followers on Twitter, you can only imagine how he`s been spending this week. You`d be right to assume that he`s spent it working on the car in readiness for his 13th World Final. Lucky 13th? Wouldn`t that be a dream come true?


10/9; Once again, Team22 send huge congratulations to Johno, who became a Dad again on the 9th. Bella arrived safely, to become the youngest sister of Toni, Ricky and Freya. Heidi, Johno and family - well done!


7/9/14; The September session at Coventry was an ideal opportunity for the boys to set their cars up for the World Final in 2 weeks, and Will was no exception!. He was raring to go when I popped in to see him in the morning, and was cautiously optimistic about the evening ahead. He went well from the off, and an excellent bit of defensive driving when challenged by Paul Harrison on the last bend of heat 1, earned Will a good 5th place finish. Come the Final, he was in the thick of it again, battling hard amidst the Shootout boys to finish the night in 6th. Clearly satisfied with things, the 22 car stayed in the Pits for the Grand National. Given the amount of damage to many in what turned into a race of attrition, it was a wise choice!
Next up? It`s that World Final!


1/9/14; It may be a bit late but, thanks to Jack Barber, you can now view Will`s excellent Fans Fund Dash for cash from Sheffield at the end of  the 2013 Shootout Meeting.
If you`ve been wondering what he`s been up to lately, it would appear that, as well as working on the car in readiness for the coming session at Coventry, Will has taken part in the Ice Bucket Challenge! All I can say is, when i saw the video on Facebook, that I wondered if it was actually a Chipmunk!!!




22/8; While Will`s keeping busy in the Team22 HQ Workshop, converting the car back to Shale, those good ole boys in the CSEllis Workshop have been busy making sure the Transporter went through its MoT. (A BIG) Thanks to them, everything is now gearing up to September and the two sessions at Coventry. First up is Shootout Round #3, followed a couple of weeks later by something a little more important to most. Yes, it`s World Final time again. Yarrow for Gold? Bring it on....!


10/8; We made it!! 13th row, inside at the Coventry staged, Startrax promoted World Final on September 20th. All the hard graft paid off for Team22 after being drawn at the Skegness Semi. Plenty of work had to be done to convert the Shale car for tarmac, but it was worth it in the end, as Will took the Flags in 9th. He wasn`t really sure that it would be a good outcome for him, prior to the event, but experience and determination shone through, and the 22 bit of the Skegness pits had a bit of a well deserved party atmosphere at the end of the race! Will opted to continue with the meeting rather than load up, and saw some valuable points added to his season`s total, with a 10th in the Final, and 5th in the GN. To say Will was pleased would be an understatement. He told me earlier that the car felt good from the start (it certainly looked it in Practice) and got better as the night went on. To all of you wondering if we`ll see a return to the black stuff, watch this space. He could be tempted!!!!!


6/7/2014; New roof, new shockers, and new Sponsors for July`s Coventry meeting!! Welcome aboard, and many thanks to MG Electrical and Blythewood Plant. It was Will`s first outing on the new Shockers, and one of them broke during a shunt at the end of the Final! Shocking!! Other than that, the 22 car went well and was in a fairly safe 6th spot until a race incident took him out. Hard battling secured a Heat 2 finish in 4th place and a well earned 7th in a very competitive and incident filled Grand National. The coming weeks are going to be very busy at Team22 HQ, as you can imagine. As mentioned during the week, Will`s got a pretty handy Semi Final grid position (4th row, outside) - at Skegness! That means plenty to do to convert the car for Tarmac, plus a couple of family commitments during this time, so it looks likely that we won`t be seeing him out on track again until then.


30/6; The temptation to race on Tarmac has been removed, as I`m sure you all know by now. So, what happens - Will gets the Skegness Semi!!


23/6; Well, as you may know, the Tar car came out of mothballs last week. Some one came to view, and leave a generous deposit, on the morning of the British, as Will told me that night. The balance was paid on Saturday and the car went North. As to who, and if we will ever see it on track again, remains a mystery, but I`m sure it will be well looked after.
So let`s watch and support the 22 car on shale alone. As Will says, he`s enjoying his racing more now than he has for a while, thanks to having more time and less pressure to prepare both car and man for a meeting. He also feels that this is reflected by the rest of the team, especially on race day, as he explains in an interesting interview with and published on June 6th, by Stus Designs on Facebook.


15/6; Congratulations from Team22 to Team2. British Champion again Paul! Well done. It was good to see Will at a Tarmac meeting too, albeit on the terraces! It didn`t inspire him to take the Tar car out of mothballs though - he`s enjoying his shale racing and family time to much for that now. He`s keeping busy in the workshop though, getting ready for his next outing at Coventry.




27/5/2014; Will tells me that he was very happy with his points haul at Belle Vue, collecting a couple of 6th places and a 7th on the day, with an under performing car. Anyway, with 126 points under his belt, he should be sure of a Semi final place, although where is obviously uncertain at this stage! He told me that last season he had 190 points all told. This time around, he`s already on 224. His fortunes have certainly changed! The best thing about yesterday though, was that it was (Mum) Jane`s 70th, so the bus was transformed into a Party Bus with a gathering of the Yarrow clan, to make the day extra special for her. Happy belated Birthday Jane. It`s also a pretty special day today for Will, who married the love of his life. Sarah, 19 years ago. Have a very Happy Anniversary both of you.


25/5/2014; It was a strange night at Kings Lynn, very wet and extremely dusty! Will arrived late, but not as late as some(!) but still found himself next to a huge puddle. He was in good company though, parked next to the very smart Harrison outfit - "reserved for Rowell" area, was it? It was to be one of those nights when the car went well, but things just didn`t go right for him. The car was fine, but there was a combination of fence magnets and insufficient magpies working against him. Still, a strong drive to finish 6th in the Final gave him a few extra points on the night. Here`s hoping his luck changes tomorrow at Belle Vue.


20/5/2014; HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL!!!!!! Have a great day. See you out there, weaving your magic at Lynn on Saturday!


4/5/2014; Forgive the pun but "May the 4th be with....." Will for the rest of this season! Up to Star again after an exceptional start to the year, his great form continued from further back and he enjoyed an excellent battle with Dan Johnson in Heat1 to finish a close 2nd. Come the Final and it was hard to see everything that was going on, such was the quality of the race. It will rank as one of the best Finals ever and Will emerged 4th in a very tight finish. The Grand National was almost as exciting but the 22 car retired to the in field after tangling with a wayward Yellow Top on the Home Straight. This next line is becoming a habit, but not at all a chore, to type - Will got the Grade Award once again!!!!! It was also nice to see him on a lap of honour as April`s Driver of the Month. Pity I couldn`t get the Bell out in time!
Another nice sight to see was Sarah and Ellie in the Pits, as well as a first outing of the year for main sponsor, Trevor Ellis. Appreciation for all of Will`s sponsors was given, and I know that feeling is reciprocated. Big thanks to Tom Harris for the loan of the Red Wing for the night. Lovely gesture. We`ll have our own next time out, back at Kings Lynn.


27/4/2014; Back to Saddlebow Road for yet another Trophy, this time a second place in a very hard fought battle. The victor was never in doubt, although he wouldn`t have minded had Mr Sworder somehow managed to get himself mixed up with the back markers! Seriously though, Mick, that drive gave everyone else the chance to fight hard for the places and Will was able to capitalise on a "last bender" which allowed him to sneak by and grab that runners up place, and consolidate his 2nd and 4th place heat finishes. 5th in the National rounded off a pretty good night at the Norfolk Super Oval for Team22. Next week`s meeting at Coventry sees Will return to Red. Not bad given that, according to him at least, he`s still not 100% used to the car yet!
Stop Press; Late news from Will. Blue Grade Award #5 and American Racer Driver of the Month top April off nicely!!


22/4/2014; I wasn`t able to attend, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I could follow the action at Belle View yesterday, and it has to be said, it was a very positive experience! Will`s feedback was interesting. He was happy with his 4th place finishes in the Heats, 5th in the Meeting Final, a 7th spot come the end of the Grand National, and yet another Blue Grade Award but.... he`s looking for more! Maybe he`ll find it at Kings Lynn this coming Saturday. One thing`s for sure, he`ll need to buy a tin of Red paint pretty soon!


21/4/2014; Another decent night at Stoke for Team22, although their late arrival and consequent hike to and from their pit spot prevented me from joining them for a cuppa (which I may well have had to make myself). Will had problems with the gears, following a couple of hits, but he enjoyed himself, especially his battle with Rob Speak in the National. Yet another Blue Grade award, 3 in a row now, and more to his pile of points. That win surely isn`t far away now - probably tomorrow at Belle Vue, because I can`t go! Not being selfish or anything, but if you can just hold off until Kings Lynn, Will......!


19/4/2014; The old girl`s gone to pastures new - Halifax actually! We look forward to seeing her on track again soon. Will`s out at Stoke later, so we`ll keep our fingers crossed for the resurgent Team Yarrow`s good form to continue. After all, he`s not used to the car yet!!!!

7/4/2014; The 60th Anniversary season is certainly being kind to Team22 so far. The resurgent Mr Yarrow came out in heat 3 and at the end of a good old ding-dong, was unlucky not to take his first win of the year, yielding to a determined Paul Harrison, to emerge 2nd. The Final was a harder one, at the end of which he finished 7th, but according to Will, his most satisfying result was his 3rd spot in the GN. By his own admission he didn`t make the best of starts, missing the gear, so to take the checkered flag in 3rd was very nice. He says that he felt in the mix in each race, and "the car is coming to me with each race". He`s still not up to full speed, so as I said last week, he`s going to be useful when he gets to grips with it! So far, 2 meetings, 1 (3rd place) Trophy .... and 2 Blue Grade Awards on the bounce. Saturday`s went to eldest daughter, Ellie who celebrated her 16th Birthday. Will`s one proud Dad who remembers exactly where he was when he "got the call" - on track at Coventry! H

30/3/2014; The Beast was finally unleashed with much enthusiasm at Kings Lynn last night, once it was unloaded and admired by many. Before the action started, Will said to me that he was going to take it easy and get used to the car`s handling and over all performance, although he did say that if the chance arose to make a move, he`d consider it!! He certainly took to the car quickly, as a 4th spot first time out and 5th in the next heat, followed by a well deserved 3rd place finish in the Final, which he lead for some time, until eventual winner, Paul Hines nudged him wide, just enough for him and Mark Woodhull to sneak by. The huge grin on the Victory Parade said it all. All I can say is, if that was Will taking it easy, I can`t wait to see what he`ll do when he gets used to it!!!!


23/3/2014; Will`s sorry to disappoint anyone who was looking forward to seeing the new wheels out at Belle Vue today. He`s had to defer the debut to next week at Kings Lynn, because of one or two last minute jobs. Problem is, he needed more last minutes than were available!!!!


15/3/2014; Still plenty of things to do at Team22 HQ before the new season starts, so much so that, as the latest photo, first seen as a tweet from Will, shows Johno has been getting tyred! There`s been a bit of work done on the bus recently, nothing major but needed doing to keep her up to scratch! Without a transporter, we couldn`t go racing, so it`s as important to look after as the cars.


7/3/2014; The sport`s Diamond Jubilee was launched  at Coventry Stadium, with an impressive static display of Heritage and modern cars in Speed Square, with coffee and a buffet in the under stand bar, which was enjoyed by a good turn out of fans. Peter York introduced the event with Keith Barber outlining the sport`s history. Pete Tucker provided a very entertaining collection of personal memories before Jeremy Heaver and Steve Rees talked about the present and, more importantly the future, which sounds bright - a bit like the ever improving weather today! 
Not surprisingly, Will`s new car attracted a great deal of interest outside, where he was happy to chat about it to anyone who spoke to him. As he says, we know what the car can do so now it`s up to him!


5/3/2014; At last, willyarrowracing.com is proud to present The Trump Card!


15/2/2014; Spent part of the morning down at Team 22 HQ, watching the hive of industry going on there. The new shale car is certainly beginning to look the part now the paint`s on! Next week will hopefully see the engine fitted, and once the decals have been added, the number 22 car is going to be one beast of a machine. Down at  V8 Hotstox Team 27 base, work continues on the 304 restoration, where Charlie and number 1 son Toby are busy putting a bit of colour back onto the car. Things are coming together nicely for the Yarrow boys.


30/1/2014; More news keeps filtering through from Team22 HQ. Will told me "I`ve been dyno engine tuning with the new shale engine. Very impressed with the power output". Bodes well for this season. 


25/1/2014;  Team 22 were saddened to hear yesterday of the passing of Al Henderson. Roger and Jane have particularly fond memories of him, and Roger will no doubt  have many a tale to tell of his recollections of his own racing days when Al was Mr Starter.


21/1/2014; Things are slowly coming together for the 2014 season with plenty of work being done at Team 22 HQ. If all goes to plan, Will may have a bit of a Trump Card up his sleeve too. Time will tell!


13/1/2014; The Auto Sport Motor Show at the NEC was a success according to Will. He tells me that there was plenty of interest in the F1s and the general opinion was that they came across well and were awesome - but we already knew that, didn`t we! Hopefully there`ll be some new faces trackside as a result. As always, Will enjoyed being able to promote this great sport of ours once again. Young Harley got some extra advice from Yarrow Senior before he took to the track in his smart looking new Ninja Kart too. Here`s hoping for tales of great victories for cars 299 and 22 in 2014.


4/1/2014; Happy New Year! The first update of 2014 is that Will is taking to the Indoor Arena track at the NEC next week-end (11th & 12th) as a late entrant. Hopefully there`ll be someone there who wants to buy the car. Sadly I can`t be there, so any photos would be appreciated! Thanks.


27/12/2013; The Boxing Day "Christmas Cracker", once the track was regraded, turned into a pretty decent meeting. Heat 2 was the beneficiary, but Will was in the difficult opening race of the day! He was the only Blue Top out there and in some respects made that pay, but he got stuck on the 3rd bend kerbing in 3rd spot, where his race ended. Heat 3 was better. A solid 3rd in that one, just reward for a good battle between FWj, Lee Robinson and himself. Come the Final the 22 car was flying and was taking Will to 2nd spot, until a broken rear axle put paid to any hopes of another Trophy to end 2013. Will limped back to the pits, loaded up and headed for some well deserved amber nectar before going home!
Thanks to everyone for stopping by the bus for a natter throughout the Season, thanks for taking the time to take a look at the website, and thanks to the generous people who have contributed in any way with sponsorship, particularly main sponsor CSEllis(Group) Ltd. Happy New Year to you all.
We`ll be back in 2014 to do it all again!


23/12/2013; News from Team 22 HQ is that Will is ready and raring to go racing on Boxing Day. Hopefully Father Christmas will bring at least one of you enough pennies in your stocking to buy one of his cars!! In the mean time, have a very Merry Christmas. Best wishes from us all. x


28/11/2013; Unfortunately, Will has been let down at the 11th hour regarding the sale of his Tar Car. Any drivers (or wannabe drivers) out there looking for a car can`t go wrong with a Yarrow build, both proven winners this year. And remember, BOTH cars are STILL available. See the ads on here, Stoxnet etc for details.


24/11/2031; No rest for Team 22, despite the season being over. Quite apart from a possible appearance at the Boxing Day meeting at Coventry it looks like the boys are back to the Winter Project. After all, nobody said it was purely for last winter!


17/11/2013; One final bit of news on the race front. Charlie took to the Stoke shale on Friday night, in a hired V8 HotStox and came home first in both his heats. But for a top hose coming adrift, his 1/2 lap lead in the final was looking pretty safe too! He did himself proud and had a great time, showing that he hasn`t "lost it". Last night`s Gala Meeting almost saw the name Johnson back as well, although Johno`s daughter Toni was unlucky not to be able to take her place in the Ladies Race. Mechanical problems to the 377 car meant she had to sit it out. Don`t worry - her name`s already down for next year!


11/11/2013; Congratulations to 197, Ryan Harrison on gaining the Silver roof, from Team22. A surprisingly sunny November Sunday at Sheffield saw Will parked, among others, on the road just off  Morecambe Bay Pits for the Shootout Finale meeting!  The 22 car got a battling 4th in Heat 2, followed by a very determined 8th, although but for clipping a stranded White Top that could`ve been a 3rd victory in as many meetings. Steering problems in the Final and National spoiled the day a little, but none of that mattered come the Talking Stox Non-Shootout Drivers` Dash for Cash. Leaving his best til last, Will showed us what he`s made of and took the money, Trophy and a clearly much enjoyed Victory Lap with his great mate Johno, to end this 25th Anniversary Season in style.
Will would like to thank all of the Team for their input this year, every one of his sponsors for their continued help and support, and a special thanks to the sports` fans for their good wishes and words of encouragement throughout 2013. The biggest thanks are reserved for Sarah, Ellie and Lois for being there.
Roll on 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3/11/2013; Will was speechless (almost), when he was escorted to the Start Line during phase 1 of the track regrade at Coventry last night! The unexpected presentation of a commemorative engraved silver salver, Tyre money & bottle of "pop" in recognition of his 25 years in F1 by Alan Sturgess & Andy Leivers on behalf of Talking Stox mean a great deal to him, & will take pride of place with the Trophy presented at Stoke at the start of the season. As Will said, they are 2 awards which he will cherish. And he thought the surprise Alan had mentioned to him a while back was the bit in the program!
One of the high-lights of a dire meeting was career win number 82. It made it all worth while for the crew, who had to work in awful conditions. A broken half-shaft early in the Final spoiled his night, but he was on a mission prior to the spin which took him out, and would have been somewhere near, if not on, the podium at the checkered flag.
Next year`s plans are no longer rumours. He is not retiring! Both cars are for sale to fund a car for one surface......


27/10/2013; No track action for Team22 last night as Will was enjoying some valuable family time, celebrating Sarah`s Birthday. We should see him out at Coventry next Saturday, & he tells me that the repairs from the last time there have been sorted out. Rumours are rife about the Tar Car, but as we`ve said before, until money changes hands, it`s still on the market so contact Will if you are genuinely interested in buying. - details are still on this site!


6/10/2013; As many of you will have heard or seen, Will was involved in a racing incident where he went hard into the 1st bend fencing at Coventry Stadium at the start of the first race today. He was knocked out, causing a lengthy delay while he was attended to by the Medical Team. He was eventually able to climb out of the car but suffered concussion. After an assessment in the First Aid examination room, he was taken to Hospital for a check up and scan, after which he was given the "all clear". He returned to the track in time to see the Meeting Final, unable to recall anything of the incident. Obviously he is now subject to the obligatory 10 day stand down, but we wouldn`t have been seeing Will out next week-end as he has other plans arranged. Fortuitous maybe? He would like to thank everybody for their good wishes, which are much appreciated.
On a positive note, Saturday night`s openening F1 heat saw him gain his 17th race victory on the Brandon shale.


23/9/2013; Team 22 offer our condolences to the family and friends of the late Marina Heller, May she rest in peace.

Many congratulations to Tom Harris, 2013 World Champion, from all of us at Team 22. Will`s World Final meeting exceeded expectation to say the least. A determined drive in the Consolation Semi earned him 2nd place and a spot at the back of the Final Grid, much to the delight of all of us. Driven round on the parade by a very flattered #90, Liam Brown, he consolidated his position as one of the Worlds` top 10 drivers by finishing 9th for the second year running, and is possibly the only driver to finish in the Top 10, 4 times in a row. As did many, Will struggled to find some grip during the Meeting Final and finished outside the points but he finished on a high, coming in 3rd in the Grand National. But for the yellow flags coming out late in the race, that would`ve been a win - and even more Bell ringing!!


9/9/2013; Everyone at Team 22 congratulates Harley Burns on his fantastic achievement - Spedeworth Ninja Kart Champion 2013. Very well done young man.


8/9/2013; He`s back! The engine`s sounding sweet, the car`s looking good, and the driver`s got a smile on his face. OK, the last bit`s nothing unusual, but it was maybe a bigger smile than we`ve seen for a long time as the 22 car took to the  Brandon shale again last night. You might have expected him to do a few laps just to bed the engine in but Will had other ideas and went racing - and what a pleasure it was to watch! The Final and National saw retirements thanks to a puncture and  ignition problem respectively, having been well placed, but 3rd place in Heat 1 after a 5 month enforced lay-off from the shale ovals was a fantastic return. To quote Will, "it was promising"!


6/9/2013; Back from holidays, refreshed and raring to go! Still working very long hours at the day job, but Will and Johno (of course) have also been working hard to sort the Shale Engine out. As the latest photos show, they`re well on the way to having it back in the car, but they`ll not be happy until it`s fired up and running. We`re not sure when it`ll be back on track, and it would be fantastic to see it at Coventry tomorrow but at this stage, all I can say is - never say never!


30/8/2013; If you were wondering why things have been a bit quiet around here lately, it`s because we`ve been away on holiday - not together you understand! Anyway, Will`s now concentrating on that Shale engine, having been busy at the day job prior to his break, so we need to be patient and let him get on with it so he can get it spot on. In the mean time, the Tar Car is still available.


12/8/2013; No comment from me about Will`s Semi as I was unable to attend. However, Will has sent me his reflections on what proved to be a very frustrating afternoon for him.
He took to the track with what turned out to be the wrong tyre choice, as his remaining performances showed on the day. As he said, his 11th place Semi Final finish might as well have been last place and he`s disappointed not to have qualified for the Kings Lynn staged World Final on September 21st. He finished a fine 3rd place on an older, better suited tyre in Heat 2, and was running 4th at the 1/2 way stage in the Final before a broken 1/2 shaft forced him to retire. A 4th spot in the Grand National was respectable, but has it not been for another broken 1/2 shaft, it would have been a victory. Frustrating indeed, but as he told me, at least he showed any prospective buyer what the car is capable of!


22/7/2013; It wasn`t to be Will`s finest hour this week-end! Saturday night saw the 22 car in the points twice, both 5th place finishes, in the Consi and GN respectively. He was dragged along unwittingly in the incident which resulted in 172 rolling, and came out of it with a radical new shaped Race Wing! It didn`t help! First up on Sunday was the European Championship Title race. The 22 driver battled hard, finishing in 10th. A 7th spot in Heat 2 of the Inter-Nations Cup meeting was next for Will but the rest of the day proved to be one to forget. Every time he got himself in a decent position, the Yellows came out, closed the grid with the "heavy hitters" on his tail, and took away his chance to progress. Searching hard for something printable to sum up the week-end, Will`s only somewhat tongue in cheek offering was "I love Brafield"! Congrats from Team 22 to Ryan Harrison 197 on your European Championship victory.


5/7/2013; Will has collected his out standing engine parts and can begin to look forward to shifting some shale again soon. In the mean time though, there`s a small matter of the European Championships to deal with in a couple of weeks` time!


1/7/2013; Will`s Tar Car & Transporter will be on display this week-end at the C S Ellis (Group Ltd) base in South Luffenham as the company celebrates 80 years of Road Haulage. Congratulations and thanks, from Team 22.
On track, Harley Burns continues to do well in the Mini Sprint/Ninja formula. He had a huge crash in May, ending up on his roof, but his Pit crew managed to repair the cart & Harley had a reasonable day. Wins seem a little harder to come by of late but, he usually finds himself in a good position in his races, and is certainly learning his track craft early. Andy is going to have to make a start on the Mini because the next 18 months will be here before he knows it! I can`t wait to see him on the same program as Will & co.


25/6/2013; Will`s on Row 6 oOtside at the Buxton Semi on August 11th. Thanks Mr Harris (84)


24/6/2013; The annual trek across to Foxhall Heath produced some controversial talking points, serving to remind us just what a dangerous sport this is. All at Team 22 wish Dean Whitwell a speedy recovery. The on track action for the F1s was probably the best, and best supported, there`s been since Ipswich appeared on the fixture list. Will seems to like it as he performs consistently there. He was close on Saturday but the Trophies went elsewhere! However, other than a puncture causing the 22 car`s retirement in the Final, when in a strong 5th, Will picked up points for a great drive for 2nd in Heat 1, 4th in Heat 3 and another 4th in the Grand National. Another day of consistent scoring at Brafield the following afternoon with 8th in Heat 1 and the National, 6th for Heat 3 and 7th in the Final. As Will said on Sunday evening, " Yeah, that was a good week-end. Good Points. A special mention to Johno and Trev today for doing 100 wheel changes while I made my mind up what might work!! They coped well but it was certainly alot easier last night with Andy and Jim also helping. A big thanks to them all. They all worked well. Theres another special thanks to Toni - Top tea maker! Only one DNF all week-end and top 8 in all the other races. Well happy"


24/6/2013; The annual trek across to Foxhall Heath produced some controversial talking points, serving to remind us just what a dangerous sport this is. All at Team 22 wish Dean Whitwell a speedy recovery. The on track action for the F1s was probably the best, and best supported, there`s been since Ipswich appeared on the fixture list. Will seems to like it as he performs consistently there. He was close on Saturday but the Trophies went elsewhere! However, other than a puncture causing the 22 car`s retirement in the Final, when in a strong 5th, Will picked up points for a great drive for 2nd in Heat 1, 4th in Heat 3 and another 4th in the Grand National. Another day of consistent scoring at Brafield the following afternoon with 8th in Heat 1 and the National, 6th for Heat 3 and 7th in the Final. As Will said on Sunday evening, " Yeah, that was a good week-end. Good Points. A special mention to Johno and Trev today for doing 100 wheel changes while I made my mind up what might work!! They coped well but it was certainly alot easier last night with Andy and Jim also helping. A big thanks to them all. They all worked well. Theres another special thanks to Toni - Top tea maker! Only one DNF all week-end and top 8 in all the other races. Well happy"


24/6/2013; The annual trek across to Foxhall Heath produced some controversial talking points, serving to remind us just what a dangerous sport this is. All at Team 22 wish Dean Whitwell a speedy recovery. The on track action for the F1s was probably the best, and best supported, there`s been since Ipswich appeared on the fixture list. Will seems to like it as he performs consistently there. He was close on Saturday but the Trophies went elsewhere! However, other than a puncture causing the 22 car`s retirement in the Final, when in a strong 5th, Will picked up points for a great drive for 2nd in Heat 1, 4th in Heat 3 and another 4th in the Grand National. Another day of consistent scoring at Brafield the following afternoon with 8th in Heat 1 and the National, 6th for Heat 3 and 7th in the Final. As Will said on Sunday evening, " Yeah, that was a good week-end. Good Points. A special mention to Johno and Trev today for doing 100 wheel changes while I made my mind up what might work!! They coped well but it was certainly alot easier last night with Andy and Jim also helping. A big thanks to them all. They all worked well. Theres another special thanks to Toni - Top tea maker! Only one DNF all week-end and top 8 in all the other races. Well happy"


17/6/2013; Congratulations to Lee Fairhurst on his well deserved British Championship victory at Buxton yesterday, from all at Team 22 HQ. Will had a decent afternoon, flying from the Green Flag to hit the front early in Heat 1. Despite the huge presence of Red & Superstar grades behind him, he used all of his 25 years experience to take the 80th race win of his career. Heat 2 was hectic, the 22 car coming home 9th. Heat 4 was another tough one but Will fought his way back to finish in 5th spot. Come the Final and he was a changed man - Johno, who freely admits to being a bit to big to get in the car now, milking the pre-race applause as Will drove him round for the presentation!!! From a handy grid position (row 3, inside), thanks to his qualifying points, he started the Final in great form & was in 2nd when the yellows came out for 16 & 55. With Messrs Wainman Jnr & Speak behind it was never going to be easy to hold on to that spot but he did his best. A clash with the 1st bend armco caused a bit of a handling problem, but Will kept going to end the Final in a respectable 8th place. Yarrow Snr got the Heat 1 Trophy on Fathers` Day, Johno kept the Finalists Trophy following his appearance on the Parade, but Will hung on to the Harrison Supplies award of a Tyre for all heat winners.
We would like to say a big Welcome to BW Engineering to the fold. No website as yet, but they can be found on Facebook & Twitter. Thanks for your support Karl.


9/6/2013; Will`s been busy during his "down time", preparing the Tar Car for next week`s assault on the British Championship, aided and abetted by Johno. The Shale engine is still "work in progress", with Will collecting some of the parts, which has given him a head start on the rebuild. Hopefully, once the remaining parts have been delivered, funds will be in place to enable him to complete the job and get back out there on the loose stuff. In the mean time, the 22 Team are looking forward to the next couple of weeks of tarmac racing. A Black & White foil would be a welcome roof colour change!


2/6/2013; Will`s had a bit of a break this week, celebrating his Wedding Anniversary to the beautiful Sarah on Bank Holiday Monday, and enjoying some valuable "family time" during the "Rowell (Rothwell) Charter celebrations and annual Fair. The Team Manager has told me that the engine parts are now ready, but it`s now a matter of putting the cash together to get the 22 Shale car back on track this season. If anyone would like to help, Will is going to be at Buxton on the 16th, and you can find me at most meetings, usually round a bend somewhere. Any donations would be gratefully received!


20/5/2013; Happy Birthday Will!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sadly, no Trophy to sip a celebratory drink from after this week-end`s Buxton meeting, but plenty to do before the next session there in June! Nothing seemed to go right for him, no matter what the 22 Pit Crew did, and the afternoon was probably summed up by that massive Heat 2 tangle on turn 2! At least Will came away unscathed, although the already battle weary Foil was terminal. Only picking up points for an 8th place Grand National finish, Will summed up the rather lovely afternoon out in the Peaks by saying that he was a Cameraman more than anything else. Mind you, he had a smile on his face when he said it! Will would once again like to say a huge 2Thank you" to the guys at "Talking Stox" for their donation of a Tyre. It`s very much appreciated. It does look more and more like we`ll only see Will on Tar this year given the unforeseen issues with the Shale engine, so his next outing is for the Buxton staged British Championship on June 16th. More of the same weather please - and much better luck for Will!


13/5/2013; Saturday night at Skegness saw Will debut the Silver Season Tar car. The points haul wasn`t all he had hoped for, but it wasn`t for a lack of trying. He finished just out of the top 10 in Heat 1 after a hard battle, but fought back with a well earned 3rd in the Consolation after a great battle between him and Mike James. A puncture caused him to retire in the Final, and a tangle on the 4th bend  put him well down the field in the National. But for that, Will believes he would`ve finished 2nd. The perpetrator found that Will can still give it back though, which was great to see! The car performed well, getting better as the night went on so he was happy with that. Buxton`s next on the 19th.


30/4/2013; No news is good news, so they say, but at the moment no news means nothing`s moving with the Shale engine! It`s going to take time. There IS some good news though - the 22 Tar car will be making its season debut at the Skegness staged qualifier on Saturday May 11th.


22/4/2013; Will`s waiting patiently(?) for the new set of pistons and is itching to get on track again, so he and Johno are busy with other niggly little jobs that usually get left. That said, he`d rather not have the time to do them! Many people have asked why he`s not raced this week-end since he also has a Tar car and it`s been a "double header qualifier". The answer`s simple - funds. The money which would`ve been used to race at Birmingham has had to be put into the Shale engine.
On a more positive note, our other racing hero, young Harley Burns, is effectively "leading the Points" in the Mini Sprint/Ninja (call it what you will) formula, and a little bird told me that, although their roof colours are the choice of the driver, this one, assuming he keeps doing what he`s doing now, will deserve a Silver roof come the end of the Season. "Go Harley........"


12/4/2013; Well, they took it out and had a good look at it - not a pretty sight! 2 broken Pistons! So, it`s a full strip down and maybe a new set of Pistons. For an "amateur" sport, it aint half expensive to be competitive every week-end!


 Frustration at Brandon last night, with those annoying Gremlins attacking the 22 car as it looked set to finish 5th or 6th in Heat 2. After much deliberation back in the Pits, it was clear that the cause of the strange knocking noises being heard by Will was going to take longer to sort out than the time it took to get 5 more races run of both formulas before the GN took to the track ( and believe me, that was a long time!), and the decision was taken to load up. So, as Johno said at the end of the night, it`s going to be a case of taking it to bits and having a good look. More late nights then! Next up`ll be the Qualifier at Wheels in a couple of weeks.


31/3/2013; Here we go, and to mark the start of this very special, Silver season, Will was presented with his first piece of Silverware following his first heat of the year..... and what a start it was. Clearly on a mission, Will settled into a comfortable second behind an equally in form Frankie Wainman Jnr. Looking solid, the high finish was secure, until a certain car with the number 11, decided to shove his way through and take Will out in the process just laps from the flag. Will recovered and took the last qualifying spot, but it was oh, so frustrating for Team 22. Having said that, with a Final finish of 7th, Will was pleased with his overall performance. He didn`t come out for the GN, opting to keep the car in its undamaged state, ready for Coventry.


25/3/2013; News has come through about our Mini Sprint Star driver, #299, Harley Burns. He`s been progressing steadily since his season began earlier this year, and we`re chuffed to report that, having taken the long trip North of the Border, he competed at the Racewall on Saturday before going to Lochgelly Raceway, where he had a couple of well placed finishes in his heats, before winning the Final. Dad Andy reports that its a nice little set-up there. Oh for the day when the F1s return to Scotland. Meanwhile, Will continues to prepare for his season debut at Stoke on Easter Saturday. Here`s hoping for some improvement in the weather......


13/3/2013; The Yarrow boys have been very busy working on all 3 cars recently. I hear that the sign writing has been completed on both of this year`s cars, and as photos 45 - 51 show, the Winter Project is beginning to look pretty special. Exiting.......


10/3/2013; It was another 6 o`clock start for Will & Johno yesterday morning! There was certainly plenty going on when we pitched up around noon, and it was clear that there had been even more done during the preceding 6 hours!! The Tar car was in the drying room, getting ready for the visit of SignFX  early next week. The Bus is looking pretty smart too, with signage to the back ..... and there`s more to be added. As for the Winter Project, that`s coming along nicely, but has obviously had to take a back seat as the 22 Team prepare for the rapidly approaching 2013 Season.


4/3/2013; Every picture tells a story, and the latest to be added to the Winter Refurb Album are testament to that statement. As the first one says, it was a 6 o`clock start, during which time the nerfs and bumpers were welded into place and the front axle removed. The next job involves paint!! Will didn`t say how long they were working on Saturday, but you can bet it wasn`t an early finish!


25/2/2013; Judging by the photos Will sent for publication, it`s a wonder he, Johno & Charlie know which car they`re working on, there`s so much going on in the Team 22 workshop!! They`ve certainly got their work cut out (and many a late night ahead) to be ready for the sign writer`s visit in March. It`ll all be worth the hard work in the end though.


15/2/2013; Just to confuse everybody, that was the 1990 Mellor car featured in the last write-up! Sadly it`s now gone to the big Pits in the sky, but not before being stripped of its engine. However, the boys have been busy working on the 1978 World Final winner, as you can see in today`s photos. The panels have now been stripped off, shot-blasted and awaiting the paint shop. Interestingly, the `90 model ended it`s final race with Dave Mellor at the wheel in 5th, behind a certain William Yarrow, in number 207, at Long Eaton.
The 2013 Shale car is waiting for the bonnet panels to be painted. The chassis and cab are already done, and there`s a new front axle been fitted too. It`s the Tar car`s turn tomorrow. As Will says we`re "still on schedule".


4/2/2013; More photos of the Winter Project show just how much work has been done by those master car restorers, Yarrow, Yarrow & Johnson! Seems there isn`t an awful lot left to do with the body work. It`ll be interesting to see if the engine`s a runner, come the day. I`m sure there`ll be plenty of interest in that.


24/1/2013; As the new photos show, the Shale Car is well & truly "getting there". Looks good, eh , and it`s ALL their own work. Just waiting for Charlie to deliver the new bonnet panels and they`ll be cracking on with the Tar Car.
Sponsors are always welcome, and a massively important part of any driver`s racing future. We`re pleased to say that Direct Driver Solutions will be staying with us again this year, so a big ""Thank you" to Phil and the team. In fact it`s "Thank you" to all of our Sponsors, past and present. Without you, we wouldn`t be about to embark on our Silver Season.


11/1/2013; It`s that SPECIAL year at last!!! Things are moving in the Team 22 Workshop, & Will has been to order the paint today, for the "new look" Shale Car. Hopefully work will begin on the Tar Car`s new look by the end of the month. 


Well, that`s another year over, so let`s look ahead to 2013 and a very special one for Will. 25 years of racing in BriSCA F1, first as #207, before taking the number he has made his own, 22, at the beginning of the 1991 Season (21 years - another significant Anniversary!).


10/21/2012;  Is there anybody out there in possession of any photos of the Mellor Car on it`s final resting place - the barn roof? Will would love to get his hands on some if anyone can let us have them. Contact us via the site. Many thanks in advance


2/12/2012; Will`s working hard in that Workshop of his. Apparantly he`s refurbishing both cars, which he tells me will look quite different next year. Can`t wait to see them. Anyway, so far he`s given the Tar Car a"hair cut with the Gas-Axe". Mmm, very interesting




27/11/2012; The Workshop`s an interesting place to be, as the newly added Album will show over the next few Months. Should be worth keeping an eye open for additions.


25/11/2012; No photographs yet, but I`ve just heard that in the Mini Sprint Formula, young Harley Burns (#299) ended the season on a high at Arena Essex yesterday with two 3rd places, a second & a Win in his 4 races. Not only that, but he`ll start the 2013 Season with a Red Roof. Well done Harley, from us all.


15/11/2012; Congratulations from the 22 Team to the new Silver Roof holder, Tom Harris. Will has confirmed that his season ended at Coventry, so he won`t be at the Gala meeting on Saturday after all. It`s time for a re-think for next year, which incidentally will be his 25th season racing in BriSCA F1. He doesn`t look old enough!!


10/11/2012; According to Will, last week`s Coventry produced more damage on one night than most of the season put together! The outcome of the 515 shunt when leading the World of Shale Final was a damaged front coil over and brake disc. The Meeting Final saw further damage, this time wrecking the front axle, brake disc, coil over and rear wheel!!. There`s no wonder he didn`t bother with a rush job for the National!!


4/11/2012; The season for many ended last night at Brandon, with the World of Shale Final. Well done Frankie, despite punting Will out of the way to take the lead! Will told me he was surprised to find himself out front after a sticky start, but he flew early in the race & fully deserved his lead. The track was such that it was fatal to drift from the racing line, but unfortunately this is what happened, with Lady Luck doing her regular trick of deserting the 22 pilot for the rest of the meeting. Given the conditions in the Pits (Will was actually in one of the few half-decent spots) & the work required in a short time-span to get the car race worthy, the team opted to watch the National rather than rush the job to find themselves locked out. Will`s "16th Grid start very nearly did everything I needed to do in the World of Shale, taking the lead at half way. Unfortunately Frankie Wainman was quicker & he ended any thoughts both the team & myself may have had of becoming World of Shale Champion. That`s racing though & Congratulations to him on taking the win. The rest of the night was pretty luckless, ending with a hefty trip to the Armco early on in the Final, ending our night`s racing. Once again the team worked well in difficult conditions". No plans to go to Belle Vue, but there`s a possibility that we`ll get one more opportunity to cheer Will on this season, at the Wheels staged Gala Meeting in a couple of weeks.


28/10/2012; The final Kings Lynn meeting of 2012 saw some excellent action, but given the problems encountered amid the smoking tyres and flying sparks from the off, Will was satisfied with his night. There was a problem with a loss of coolant from the radiator overflow, which eventually saw Will take the decision to retire from the Final, but Charlie set to work and weaved his magic to alter the car for the National, and what a great job he did. Another 1/2 a lap and the Winner`s Trophy would`ve been in Will's hands! Credit goes to Andy, Trev and the irrepressible Johno, who all worked hard all night in the cold, damp conditions to keep him on track. There was more mud in those Pits last night than in a Ladies Mud Wrestling ring, and rumour has it that the 22 team had to be hosed down before being allowed back on the bus for the journey home!


22/10/2012; Well, that was frustrating!! However hard Will drove, it seemed from the outside that it wasn`t hard enough. Believe me when I tell you he was giving it his all at both meetings. Not only that, but had it not been for Johno, most of the work in the Pits during the week-end between races would`ve been down to the driver as well! Dad did what he could, and a little bird told me that Danny Clarke was getting his hands dirty for awhile on Sunday. I would be willing, but something of a liability so I do what I do best (work the keyboard & camera lol). So, next time you watch somebody race and think they`re not doing much good, remember that it`s essentially an Amature sport, and not everyone who wields a spanner can give up their time for EVERY meeting. Talking to Will after the Brafield session , he admitted to feeling relieved that the Tarmac Season is now over and he can get back to the proverbial drawing board to re-think his set-up for 2013. He`ll be at Kings Lynn and Coventry though, so it`s not quite the end of Will Yarrow on track in 2012!


7/10/2012; The penultimate Brandon meeting of 2012 was held in dry, dust-free (if a bit chilly) conditions and what great entertainment it provided. From the off it was clear that Will and Lundy were on a bit of a mission and they shared some good, fair battles more than once on the night. Will`s hard earned 4th place finishes in Heat and Final were great to watch and the smile was almost visible through that visor. The Grand National also saw the 22 car being driven hard, but a 6th place across the line became 8th in the statistics, probably due to Will`s keenness to crack on in the Yellow Flag littered race. It was hardly his fault that his reactions were sharper than everybody elses out there - was it?!


1/10/2012; FWj`s Silver Anniversary meeting was held in "typical" Manchester weather, but even the rain and difficult on-track conditions didn`t dampen the sprirts of the combatants on the day. For once, the lousy weather made for some entertaining racing from all Formulas, and was to produce one of the best races this year in the Consolation. Visibility reduced considerably for the drivers throughout the race as rain lashed down on them, and traction was a lottery, throwing cars everywhere. Two stood out though, and although the end result read 4, followed by 22, if a Trophy could been shared then surely Dan Johnson and Will should be doing just that. It was a real Nip & Tuck - or Slip & Slide if you like- affair, with youth v experience. Later, Will gave his view of events "Yeah, I enjoyed that" (not sure if that was the cuppa I`d made for him earlier!). "Shame I lost the lead with 2 to go but apart from that I just got a bit unlucky really. Johno & Trev did well to get the car out for the last one - with a little bit of help from myself of course!" He was probably making the tea by then!!!


23/9/2012; Will`s return to Stoke, where he has had some success in the past, was memorable for the wrong reason. Going well after a shaky start to Heat 1, he had moved up the field to 6th spot when the gremlin decided to attack! The front bottom pulley broke, forcing him to watch the remainder of the race from the middle. His quest for a replacement on the night proved futile but he`s hopeful that he can source & fit a new one before next week`s 2013 Qualifier at Belle Vue. Fingers crossed that we can be there. Talking of fingers, not to be outdone by Gary, Will was sporting bandages to both index fingers having cut them during the week! On a serious note, get well soon after your recent digit surgery Gaz (not that any of us will be particularly serious about it when we see you mate!!!


17/9/2012; Well, as Will said, that`s another one over!. Everybody enjoyed the experience, and it`s fair to say that it was far better than anyone anticipated, given the negative response by some to the Venue. Skegness did the sport proud, and the "gladiators" provided plenty of action and talking points! 9th again is satisfactory, given the position on the Grid at the start and the brutal racing throughout. The Masters wasn`t a bad day either, in Will`s eyes, despite being in the Heat 2 "Final"!! Next time out will be at Stoke.

We haven`t forgotten - Congratulations Lee Fairhurst!!!!!!!! You grabbed your chance with both hands.


9/9/2012; Not the most exiting night at Wheels, but understandably, nobody there who`s on the Grid at Orby next week wanted to risk excess damage. It was all about setting up and bedding in. Having said that there was one heart stopping moment in the Grand National, when a very "up for it" Will went for the "last bend lunge" on eventual winner (and perhaps the surprise package next week?) NZ1, taking off as he hit the kerb, landing and seemingly heading for the armco before steering out and taking 4th. Will`s view of the incident? "It probably looked more spectacular than it felt. Shame the move didn`t come off but I felt it was worth a shot".  As for damage, that was relatively minor - a broken half shaft. 

Next week`ll be a busy one, getting ready for the World Final. There`ll be a new photo available from the bus for the collectors, which Will will be happy to sign if you ask him. Look out for a very limited run of an A6 portrait, courtesy of Paul Tully.

Whtever happens next week, we`ll be there, rooting for Will - and it only needs one more number when Paul Harrison hands over his roof!!!!


2/9/2012; After a hard morning`s graft fitting the newly built back axle and front bumper, for which a big thanks goes to Y.E.S, Will arrived bright and early in the Coventry Pits, raring to go! 3rd, 5th and 6th place finishes produced a good points haul, although it was "hard work at times" as, according to Will, it`s a result in itself just to finish at Brandon. So, top 6 finishes in his 3 races, AND no damage was a real bonus, and made for a satisfying night`s racing!
It was good to see a smile on Charlie`s face after an uncomfortable and painful time earlier in the week, and to have Johno there, straight from a family break was an unexpected pleasure. Andy was aslo around, with a promise of some action shots of Harley awaited. Watch out for those! It looks like Wheels next week might have to be done to iron out a couple of niggles, so we`re hoping for another damage free night, otherwise the midnight oil will have to burn again in the run up to the Skegness Special in a couple of weeks.


26/8/2012; It was a  bit hectic yesterday, but after a relaxing Holiday, Will managed to get the Tar Car ready for a pre-World Final shakedown at Wheels. A respectable 8th in Heat 1, wisely letting the Shootout boys play rather than be put in the armco! 2 punctures in Heat 3 and the Final, followed by a split Power steering pipe prior to the National was just bad luck. However, the car handled well and is "about right". It just needs a bit of titivating in time for Skegness! Coventry next, then it`ll be midnight oil time.


9/8/2012; Will`s having a well earned break from racing for the next couple of weeks. He could be out at Wheels before the end of the Month, but he`s sure to be at Brandon on September 1st!


I`ll leave Will to reflect on last night`s Coventry!   "Mixed feelings really for last night. Very pleased with the pace of the car, was simply awesome to drive all night.
Around Coventry you need much more than just a fast car, as proved in the consi and the final when wins in both looked very much on the cards.
Very disappointing not going the distance in the final because even with the race caution whilst in the lead and only 6 laps to go I felt I was  quick enough to take the chequered flag.
It wasn't to be however with the half shaft breaking as soon as I went on the green flag.
Very frustrating, 2nd mechanical failure to cost us a final win. Once again 'that's racing' as they say. Good nights work from the team once again with plenty to do between each race."


29/7/2012; The World Final is looking good now the Grid`s complete, and what a front row it is! Who`d have expected Frankie Wainman to be lining up with Mick Sworder by his side? Will obviously would have preferred to be among the top 5, but he`s happy to be starting, albeit on row 13!! Last night wasn`t the best, with those dratted gremlins creeping in again. This time, having finished the opening heat in 7th, it was problems with the brakes when well placed in the Final, just managing to cling on to 10th place, and then a puncture during the National forced Will to retire to the middle. Oh well, that`s racing!!!


27/7/2012; For those of you following the fortunes of future superstar Harley Burns, his very proud Dad, Andy, has told me that after an initial DNF at Skeggy last night, the #299 MiniSprint Pilot took 2 Heat wins AND the Final. Good lad


22/7/2012; We`re in!!!! Will didn`t end the first Semi as far up the placings as he would`ve liked, but he was satisfied to have qualified in 9th after he made a mid-race decision to drive for a "safe" finish rather than go for a better position and chance putting himself  out of contention all together. Watching him coming out for the Meeting Final, there was a sense of determination, and he certainly drove like the Will Yarrow of old. I later asked him what had got his dander up and if he could bottle it for a weekly dose! Actually the team had changed 2 shockers, with dramatic and very positive results! An aggressive drive took him into an unassailable lead - until the yellows came out to close them up, and despite making headway on the restart, he got in a bit of a tangle and ended the race backed into the Pit Gate. Frankie was probably grateful since he provided a cushion for the 515 car, preventing yet another complete roll over on the night!! Frantic work as he lined up to sort out a damaged front inside stub axle got him out for the National, and that same determined driving style took him across the line for his maiden GN victory of the year. His observations on that one, other than stating that he now has much more confidence in the car? "Maybe we do know what we`re doing"!!!!
Certainly his Sponsors were impressed, and Mr Trevor Ellis in particular was a very happy man at the end of the night!


16/7/2012; Another Title, another chequered roof won, and its many congratulations this week from us all to the new European Champion, Tom Harris. The week-end proved to be extremely frustrating for Will, with sticky brakes, sticky throttle.... sticky armco (it felt like it anyway!!), and a damaged wheel affecting him on Saturday night. He qualified for the European title race on Sunday afternoon by way of his 1st reserve position. After the rolling start though, he was forced to retire to the middle following an early 3rd bend tangle, becoming the first casualty of the Final with a flat tyre. The Inter Nations/Bev Greenhalf Memorial Meeting was similar in that, having qualified for the Final thanks to a 6th place heat finish, Will found himself in the middle once again, this time losing his Filter after walloping the armco! The GN was by far his best race of the week-end though, and we saw the real Will Yarrow, the battler, pushing himself up to 3rd at one stage, before yielding to "the red top train" and taking a hard fought 5th! Will`s feeling about the week-end was that it`s a case of "Good days and bad days. We scored afew points and the car wasn`t far off. We were just a bit unlucky most of the week-end. We`ll turn it around, no doubt about that". Fingers crossed for a bit of a celebration at the Kings Lynn Semi next week!!


8/7/2012; Congratulations from the 22 Team to the new British Drivers Champion, Craig Finnikin. What a brilliant night it was, & things looked promising for Will, who went from the inside of row 4 (or was it, 3, or even 5?)!! He got there via 4th and 8th place finishes in his heats, and was reasonably satisfied with that. However, the Final saw him stall at the start, then as the race progressed, the brakes "went iffy" on him. A puncture prior to the restart under caution proved a bit to much and he had to withdraw to the centre. Ah well, as the man said "We`ll try again next week"!!


2/7/2012; Saturday`s session was held on an extremely emotional evening, which was dedicated to Saloon Stock Car`s number 311, the late Steve Newman. I defy anyone to say they were not moved by the tributes paid by Skegness Stadium, the Saloon Stocks drivers, the Stockcar family, & those lovely, brave kids, Billy & Charlie.
On a less sombre note, Sunday 1st July/November(!) saw more action for the F1s, including Will who stayed home on Saturday "to give the others a chance", or so he said!. Another good points haul, with a particularly satisfying 5th in heat 2, holding off Drippy virtually on the line! Heat 3 was another well earned 5th, and yet another 3rd place Trophy was added to the cabinet in the Final. To be honest I can`t really give an account of that particular race - I spent most of it either behond the camera lens - or sneezing. Blooming Hay Fever!!! Will rounded off the afternoon with a good 4th in the National. Things have changed so much in the 22 Camp that what a month ago would have been seen as next best thing to a win is now a wee bit of a disappointment. Will wonders if he`s getting a bit greedy? The apprentice Bell Ringer`s improving too.
Next up is Coventry and the British Championship, then the Brafield staged European week-end,  before Will takes his place on grid 3 at Saddlebow. What a Month July is going to be........!!!


Late extra; It IS now visible, and confirmed. Will is at Saddlebow!!!!!!!!






Drivers List







Updated 3pm June26th 2012

BriSCA F1 World Championship

Semi-final Grids 2012

Kings Lynn - Saturday 21st July









F. Wainman



C. Finnikin


D. Johnson



P. Harrison


W. Yarrow



S. Smith


P. Hines



L. Davidson


M. Scriven



M. Woodhull


M. Randell



C. Goodswen


D. Riley





E. Neachell



N. Harrhy


G. Nickolls



C. Brocksopp


J. Smith



R. Cowley


P. Carter



R. Masterson


M. James



J. Weldon

Birmingham - Saturday 28th July









T. Harris



L. Fairhurst


M. Newson



M. Sworder


N. Shenton



D. Wainman


S. Davids



R. Harrison


M. Brown



J. Lund


M. Gilbank



N. Scriven


R. Broome



A. Smith


C. Cowley



M. Harrison


J. Booth



C. Clare


A. Slater



D. Russo


L. Spencer



D. Fairhurst


D. Whitwell



R. Speak

Reserves (in order):















26/6/2012; I`m sure we all know, thanks to the wonders of the internet, what the Semi Final Grids look like now, but following the BSCDA link to their newspage which apparently is telling us, all you get is an update from April 10th!!! That aside, it looks like Will is on the 3rd row, inside, at Kings Lynn. This will be confirmed when he knows for certain himself!!!! Wherever he is, I`m sure he`ll be giving it his all.


25/6/2012; Just heard that our Mini Sprint Star has got into winning ways with 2 heat wins at Arena yesterday, and a 7th in the Final. Well done from us all, Harley


24/6/2012;  The 2012 World Qualifiers ended with a very small turnout of cars at Ipswich last night, but don`t be taken in by that. The Meeting was actually very good (even the Hot Rods overtook more than usual, although they still failed to ignite any enthusiasm from me!). The racing was hard with much more bumper action than we have come to expect on what is far from ever being a StockCar track. The action certainly outshone THAT World Final!!! The results show Will in 5th and 2nd in the heats, and 3rd in the Final. What they can never show is the work which goes into getting on track in the first place, and that is well documented within these pages. Will took a fantastic 2nd from FWj on the line in heat 2, having lead for awhile, and come the Final, he was well ahead of the rest up to the last lap, when the Diff went. For a change, Lady Luck smiled on him through the rain and that 3rd place finish was courtesy of years of experience, track craft, and Colin Goodswen, who, unable to find a way round, actually pushed the 22 car over the line! And YES, Will DID go and thank him before the Trophies were handed out!!!!
During the interviews afterwards, Will said that he was disappointed to finish 3rd after leading for so long. Perhaps the biggest accolade came form Frankie Wainman who, during his victory interview referred to Will as "a bit of a tarmac track specialist" who he didn`t think at one point he would catch, let alone overtake! Nice words indeed.


18/6/2012; The 22 Team are buzzing!! There must have been something very special about this week-end. Saturday night was spent celebrating Roger`s 70th Birthday, some 6 weeks early(!), and the following day we dragged ourselves out of bed to travel to Buxton for the last but one Qualifier. It`s fair to say that it was worth it!!! A 5th in Heat1 was followed by a 6th in Heat3 of a 2/3rds format meeting, and very happy with that we all were, but the best was to come. After a barren 5 years - YES, it really has been that long, and was at Skeggy on the Sunday meeting of the 2nd Speed Weekend of 2007 - Will took a brilliant victory in the Meeting Final!!  Due to family committments, Johno wasn`t there, but Will attributed his hard work on the car during the week to the success. Also, the final adjustments made by the team on the day played a major part in taking the team forward after possibly the worse start to a season for a number of years. Will would`ve liked a bit of time to get his thoughts together for the inevitable Premier Sports interview after his Victory lap, but he thinks he made sense!! Did I say the team are still buzzing? Maybe bouncing would be a better word!!!!! I`m sure the good people of Ashbourne picked up on the feeling at the Chippie last night when we invaded it!!!!


11/6/2012; Had a word with a very chuffed Andy Burns - Mechanic and Sponsor (the "A" of "AJ") - who gave me an update on his lad Harley`s exploits in the MiniSprint Cars. Number 299 is really getting to grips with it now, and had a pretty successful time at Skegness during last week, finishing strongly in the Top 10 in his 3 races. He also did extremely well at Aldershot yesterday - 2nd & 3rd in his Heats and a 6th place in the Final, plus he`s up to Yellow. A bit more experience is going to see him pick up his first win soon I think. Good on yer Harley!!


10/6/2012; Will didn`t go to Brafield today but he was out last night at Wheels, eventually! Leaving in plenty of time to make it out for practice was the plan, but the Bus had other ideas and broke down on the A14. Whatever the problem was, it was resolved and the 22 team rolled into the Pits as the last cars came off the track at the close of open practice. The "All-in, 2/3rd" format saw everyone on track for Heat 1 - shame nobody thought to announce the format change in the Pits as well as to the extremely small crowd!. Will was one who sat it out in the middle and collected his race order as he returned to the Pits. His actual opening heat saw him finish 2nd, and he picked up 10th in the next one, but he was unable to score any more from the frantic Final and Grand National. The main topic of conversation on the terraces remains the Tyres. Perhaps the "2-stamp" rule isn`t really benefitting anyone after all? Great in theory - not so good in practice. Time will tell I guess, but surely something needs to be done about it!!!


3/6/2012; Are we smiling? You bet we are!! Last night could`ve been described as the 22 Team`s very own "D Day", with a 4th Radiator fitted this year, fingers firmly crossed (believe me, mine were, every time Will raced), and so many prayers being said, quietly or otherwise, not to mention lucky coins and lucky kisses!! Happily, ALL went more than well, and Will qualified for the meeting Final with a steady but determined drive to finish 9th. The Final also saw him show some style to pick up a fine 6th, but more was to come in the rain-sodden Grand National. Will fought his way to the front and held on to the lead until driver error allowed Paul Harrison through. A couple of laps more and the 22 car could have had it back, but Will (and the rest of us) were more than happy with 2nd. Before the meeting began Will told me that any finish would be like a win so you can imagine his delight at the end of the night!!!! To quote him, he feels now that he`s " finally overcome the overheating problems and now looking forward. We can concentrate on the chassis set-up and I feel there`s a lot more to come. A mistake from me allowed Paul through in the National but I felt we probably had more pace than him, we just needed more laps! Over all a good points haul and all bodes well for our next outing on Shale, the British Championship. As ever, the Team hung in there, and the mood in the camp after last night was lifted substantially" Rest assured, the BIG smile is back!!!!!!!!


27/5/2012; And so it goes on! Another new Radiator fitted and all loaded up, ready for the Saturday Saddlebow qualifier. Only one problem - it leaked. Big time! Manufacturering fault & one of those things that could`ve happened to anyone, but needless to say it it didn`t. It happened to Will. Like the man said, it`s a good thing he doesn`t fly aeroplanes!!!!!!!


20/5/2012;  Here we go - again. Leading for much of the first heat at Brafield last night and with 2 to go, what happens? The Brafield Bogeyman strikes again! Will was up for the win and driving as we know he can, and yet what looked like a convincing win was cruelly whipped away from him when he was spun out. Heat 2 saw a race finish just outside the points, & the Final ended with a flat tyre when he was taken into the fence. Surely this run of bad luck must end soon.

They say tomorrow is another day, but for today, let`s wish Will a very HAPPY Birthday.


17/5/2012; Don`t forget the Qualifier at Brafield this Saturday. We`ll be there


6/5/2012; "Still smiling. Just" was the verdict after another frustrating night on shale.  Going from Blue, Will was well placed in his heat at Coventry, only to retire to the infield with a puncture. He flew in the Consolation, until the Devil took over & the engine over-heated again. There`s plenty of speed, & not a little talent behind the wheel, but no answers to the current question of "why?". Burning the midnight oil every night trying to get to the bottom of that one, followed by long, hard days at work are making Will a weary boy. Oh, for a pot of money to fund a weekly return to the Engine Tuner, or someone with a Magic Wand - Sooty, Harry Potter, David Nixon (you have to be my age to know who he was). Right now, we`d be happy with an Exorcist......




29/4/2012; What a night! Well done to Buster Chapman & the track staff for preparing a very raceable track on such an appallingly wet & miserable night. It can`t have been much fun out there, with driving rain soaking every inch, despite wet weather gear gamely attempting to protect the drivers while they entertained those of us brave enough to tough it out on the terraces! Sadly there were no points scored for Will, who experienced a broken half shaft on the rolling lap of his first heat. The usual brilliant team work in the Pits got him out again and he reminded us just how well he goes in the wet. An excursion into the 1st bend with Mick Sworder well into the race saw him drop a place or two , but he clawed his way back to 4th before a last lap, last bend lunge by Mr Wainman broke the exhaust & took him out. As Will said later, "there are still a few niggles to sort out, but it showed promise", adding "we`ll get there". And - YES - he`s still smiling!! So, no trip to Belle Vue today, but plenty to do in readiness for Coventry next week.


22/4/2012; Birmingham eventually saw a slight improvement in the weather, but not before some of those infamous "April showers" came our way & caused mayhem in Heat 1. A greasy track did not make for an easy race as Will found himself among those unable to find enough grip. Not to worry though because the Consolation was to see him perform brilliantly, & only a couple of inexperienced White Tops prevented him from a possible victory. Still, 2nd was good enough behind a clearly chuffed Rob Cowley!!! 8th in the Final was also more than acceptable. Less satisfying was the boken shaft in the rear axle, which saw an early end to the Grand National. Kings Lynn up next, where we`re hoping to have got to the bottom of the Shale Car handling problems encountered first time out at Brandon.


15/4/2012; No racing for the 22 Team this week, but plenty of work to do. The tar car has the new Rear Axle fitted now, all the sign writing`s finished, & it was ready for weighing when I left yesterday. Next time out will be at Birmingham next week. As for the Shale car, despite being very disappointed with the problems encountered at Coventry last time out, Will feels optimistic that they can sort out the gremilins & he`s looking forward to Kings Lynn.


8/4/2012; There was a distinct air of optimism around the 22 Team Workshop yesterday morning, amidst scenes of organised chaos, as last minute work was carried out to prepare for Coventry & Will`s 2012 Season debut. The smile on Will`s face as he fired up the engine ready to load up was a sight to behold!! The traditional late arrival in the Brandon Pits wasn`t intended, but at least the race order was kind & meant that there was time to relax a little once scrutineering was over. The gods weren`t especially kind to Will, as he found grip difficult to come by all night & he was unable to qualify for the Roger Squire Memorial Final. Frantic work in the Pits saw a vast improvement in handling & grip, despite the lack of brakes during the Grand National, & he was making up good ground as the race progressed. The night`s luck was summed up with what looked from our vantage point as a blown engine, bringing to an end a frustrating time, but the apparant billowing clouds of smoke turned out to be steam, caused by a Top Hose coming adrift! What a relief!!!
Will tells me that he`s going to concentrate on the World Final Qualifying rounds this year. Understandable given the current costs of going racing.


1/4/2012; Word from the 22 Team Workshop last night was that the Small Block`s bolted in & another couple of nights` work should see it up & running in good time for Coventry. Having been at Saddlebow Road last night, I reckon Will`s comment when I sent him the results might be proven true as the season progresses - "Reckon Drippy`ll be quite good on the shale once he gets the hang of it" Not many who were there would disagree!!


23/3/2012; Extra midnight oil was burned this week to get the Engine fitted into the Shale Car. Next up is a visit by James from Sign FX to "tidy up the Tar Car", then it`s all systems go for the new season. Come on!!!!


18/3/2012; The workshop has seen much activity of late, as the recent photos have shown. Today`s pics feature even more work, 3 mug shots (held by 3 mugs, some would say!), and the new Small Block which was delivered today. All things being equal it will be finding it`s way onto the engine mountings in the Shale car some time this week. Take a bow boys.




10/3/2012; Good to catch up with some of the gang at the farm today, & to get a preview of the latest racer to be associated with Will Yarrow Racing. The driver wasn`t there, but proud Dad & 22 Team Mechanic Andy Burns was present to show off son Harley`s Mini Sprint car. He`s only just taken up the sport but reports are that he`s making steady progress, & is enjoying himself. Keep an eye open for this neat little formula & give a cheer for young Harley in the #299 car. He`ll be wearing a smile as wide as that of his F1 hero, Will.
Also making steady progress are both of Will`s cars, which are being prepared for the 2012 season. Plenty of paint, polish & elbow grease being applied! The new Small Block engine is due back soon, & with a bit of luck, hard graft, & determination, we could see Will among the starters at Coventry on Easter Saturday.


6/2/2012; Lots of progress with the cars - 4 new Axles built, new panelling, new bumpers. Looking good for the new season, but there`s still loads to do before it gets under way. Johno`s been having a go with the Welder - luckily his sense of balance is restored, otherwise using that AND crutches could`ve proved a challenge!


Yay! Johno`s home, so he must`ve worked hard & got top-side of those crutches. Either that, or they got so fed up with him causing chaos on the Ward that they chucked him out....!!


23/1/2012; JOHNO Alert!!! The Surgery went well last week, & Johno reports that he` doing alright. He`s being seen by the Physio-terrorists & is steadily getting the better of those infernal Crutches. Meanwhile, he`s zooming around on his Zimmer!!!!! Go Johno........


19/1/2011; Hurry up and get back to the Workshop Johno. Time out for a Hip Replacement Op is no excuse! Get well soon


11/1/2012; The Will Yarrow Race Team send their sincere Condolances to the family & friends of The Late Bev Greenhalf. Rest in Peace Bev.


7/1/2012; The Workshop`s the usual hive of activity, with BOTH cars being prepared for the new season. The Shale Engine is well on, so work is being done to the chassis to make it worthy of the new addition! There`s also a bit of a revamp happening for the Tar Car. Will`s photos of the Engine Removal have kicked off the 2012 Album, & hopefully we`ll soon have some photos of the transfer to H17`s Transporter to add. We`ll keep you posted with progress on both revamps throughout the close season.