Will Yarrow Racing

Will`s return to action was to be a short lived affair. He came out for Heat 2 at Kings Lynn on Saturday, but aftyer a promising start 

WILL YARROW, the man





Will Yarrow 22 Profile:-

I was born 20th   May 1972, Kettering, Northants.

I’m married to Sarah, and we have 2 daughters Ellie & Lois.

I’m employed as an engineer by Standard Engineering Ltd.

Unfortunately other interests are few and far between as the racing is a very time consuming hobby.

When asked about my ideal night out Sarah said we don’t have any so it must be a few pints and a curry with the lads!!!

My ideal night in would be a phone call from the lads to say we’re going out for a few pints and a curry, or failing that steak & chips for dinner followed by a couple of beers in front of the TV watching my favorite film ‘The Italian Job’ ( the old one of course)! .

My favourite meal is steak and chips or chilli concarne.

My favourite drink is anything.

I first got into racing when mum, dad, brother Charlie and I would go to the meetings as spectators. My dad used to impress my brother and me because he knew a lot of the drivers, especially the top ones.

My favourite driver was Willie Harrison No2 whilst my brother Charlie was a Stu Smith No391/1 fan.

Sometimes we would to go to Long Eaton and Brafield in my dad’s breakdown truck, I vaguely remember my dad would let a certain Peter Falding who at that time was possibly only about 14/15 yrs old drive the truck onto the track and bring the cars back to the pits.

Later we would go to meetings with Danny Clarke 203 a good friend of dads and also Pete Bashford (Basher) 107 whose car and transporter we looked after from 81-86. This is when Richard Johnson (Johno) came on the scene and under the guidance of Yarrow senior Johno, Charlie and I learnt a lot of what we needed to know about mending stockcars. We’ve still got a lot to learn but Yarrow senior leaves us to it these days!!

My racing career first started at the beginning of 1986 in the National mini stox formula racing with the likes of Wainman Jnr, Speaky, Andy Smith, Wittsy, Chambo Matt Bennett the Woodhull’s & the Hodgson’s.

The highlight of my mini days was winning the 1987 U.K. Challenge trophy at Long Eaton which was sponsored by Nev & Chris Woodhull. I made star grade just before I was too old for this formula in May 1988 the month of my 16th birthday.

My first stock car meeting was in August 1988 at the wheel of a borrowed Ian Hall 381 car, this was at Kings Lynn. Twelve months later I had a meeting at Skegness in a Danny Clarke 203 car and won the consolation, came 6th in the final and 5th in the Grand National.

For the following season (1990) my own car was ready to race. This was an unused Alan Young rolling chassis purchased from the Casserly’s. This chassis was brought to our attention by Dick Sworder 150, another good friend of my dads from their junior days who my dad was a mechanic for during Dick’s F1 career in the early seventies. This car was finished off with our own roll cage and fitted with a 427c.i. Chevy, which was to serve us well during my first season. Although no race wins were recorded with this car I did make blue grade by the seasons end.

For the 1991 season I purchased an ex John Lund 53 car from Gary Maynard 151. This was Lunds 87 world winner and the car got me to my first world final at Hednesford which proved to be nothing more than an experience as I lost count how many times the two lead cars of Finnikin 55 and Falding 33 came up in my mirrors!!

After this I had a couple of seasons off to get some funds together before purchasing a Falding car from Mike James, I debuted this car the end of 1994 and managed to win my first final at Long Eaton.

By the May 1995 grading I’d had another final win and 9 heats to take me to number 3 in the points, I finished the season at number 10.

My next car was another Falding chassis (his 1993 world winner) fitted with a big block Chevy. This caused us some problems as the car was initially built for a small block, it took some time before we got this car to perform as we wanted. Highlight with this car was a final win in front of Wainman jnr and Andy Smith on my first visit to Bell Vue.

For the 2001 season I decided to build two cars from scratch, one for tarmac and one for shale, both of which have been used up to the present time.

Highlight with the shale car was winning the Brian Powles 154 memorial trophy at Coventry and then going on to win the Grand National from the one lap handicap.

Highlight with the tarmac car was the 2006 world championship semi final at Birmingham when I managed to finish in second place.

Having sold the shale car at the end of 2007 I made do with one car for 2008 which has proved to be a disappointing season.

Work has now begun on constructing two new cars, I wouldn’t however like to put a date on when these will be finished, but hopefully when they are they will make a big improvement on my results from the 2008 season!!







22/2/2011;    P.S  As you know, the Tar Car took to the track at Skegness during their final F1 meeting of 2009, racing in a total of 3 meetings that year. The Shale car was first seen at the NEC in January 2010, & was debuted later in the year. Some Silverware went back to Desborough during the year, & the 22 car wore flashing lights in June, thanks to some stunning Tarmac form early in the season.